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Surname/Case Approx Date Ref Summary
Bulley, Nicola 27.1.2023 20230127 Woman disappears, police say it's not suspicious.
Stourbridge stabbings 15.3.2022 20220315 Stabbing incident, 3 teens arrested, 2 alleged victims.
Liverpool Taxi 21.11.2021 20211121 Improvised bomb carried by passenger in taxi detonated.
Clayton-le-Woods 15.10.2021 20211015 Man died in house explosion.
Wong, Wilfred 3.10.2021 20211003 Man convicted of plotting child kidnap.
York river deaths 1.9.2021 20210901 Unusual increase in numbers of deaths by the River Ouse.
Dupont de Ligonnès 21.4.2021 20210421 Murder of 5 members of a family & disappearance of the prime suspect.
Everard, Sarah 3.3.2021 20210303 Abduction, rape and murder of a 33 year old woman.
Vienna attack 2.11.2020 20201102 Mass shooting in an Austrian city centre killing 4 civilians.
Ratana, Matt 25.9.2020 20200925 UK Police Sergeant shot dead.
Birmingham stabbings 6.9.2020 20200906 Two hour stabbing rampage across Birmingham city centre.
Stonehaven derailment 12.8.2020 20200812 Train derailment killing 3 and injuring 6.
Glasgow, hotel stabbings 26.6.2020 20200616 Mass stabbing attack in Glasgow hotel.
Reading Stabbings 20.6.2020 20200620 Stabbings resulting in 3 deaths and 3 serious injuries.
Donohoe, Noah 10.6.2020 20200610 Death of a 14 year old boy found in a drain.
Hussein, Danyal 7.6.2020 20200607 Two sisters stabbed to death.
Morris, Richard 6.5.2020 20200506 Disappearance and death of the UK’s former ambassador to Nepal.
Dack, Chelsie 20.4.2020 20200420 23 year old woman went missing, discovered dead on a beach 1 month later.
Wortman, Gabriel 19.4.2020 20200419 Mass shooting in Canada, killing 22.
Abel, David 28.2.2020 20200228 First UK citizen to die from alleged corona virus.
Schofield, Phillip 7.2.2020 20200207 TV presenters past.
Streatham stabbing 2.2.2020 20200202 Alleged stabbing followed by subsequent shooting of assailant.
Clitheroe suicides 5.1.2020 20200105 Suicides in a Northern UK Town.
Manchester Canal Various 20190101 Mysterious deaths in Manchester canal.
Longcake, Phil 27.10.2019 20191027 Man left to die hanging by one foot from an industrial chimney.
Epstein, Jeffrey 8.10.2019 20191008 Alleged suicide of a child pimp and Intelligence asset.
Dunn, Harry 27.8.2019 20190827 Wife of CIA spy killed motorcyclist in UK in a car crash.
Quoirin, Nora 11.8.2019 20190811 15 year old British girl disappears in Malaysia, then found dead.
Moray, Jordan 24.7.2019 20190724 Disappearance of 33 year old man.
Beech, Carl 1.7.2019 20190701 Alleged historic child abuse.
Kappy, Isaac 13.5.2019 20190513 Suicide of an American actor who spoke about paedophilia in Hollywood.
McKee, Lyra 18.4.2019 20190418 Shooting of a Northern Ireland journalist.
Welsh, Bradley 17.4.2019 20190417 Murder by shooting of a boxer in Edinburgh outside his home.
Ludlow, Lewis 6.3.2019 20190306 Alleged IS supporter jailed for planning terror attack.
Flint, Keith 4.3.2019 20190304 Alleged hanging of successful UK pop artist and motorcycle racer.
Carson, Michael (kit) 7.1.2019 20190107 English football coach and alleged child sex abuser, “suicide”.
Watts family murders 13.8.2018 20180813 Murder of a family of 3.
MacPhail, Alesha 13.8.2018 20180702 Abduction and murder of 6 year old Scottish girl.
Gradon, Sophie Hannah 20.6.2018 29180620 Female English model from Newcastle hangs herself.
Kriégel, Ana 14.5.2018 20180514 The murder & sexual assault of a 14 year old girl by two 13 year old boys.
Platt-May, Casper and Corey 1.2.2018 20180201 Suicide of a father whose sons were killed in hit and run incident.
Alps, Mikus 10.1.2018 20180110 Man found dead in burnt out car.
Pope, Gaia 18.11.2017 20171118 Disappearance and death of 19 year old woman.
Eccleston and Gravenieks 5.11.2017 20171105 Young couple commit joint suicide.
Madsen, Peter Langkjaer 10.8.2017 20170810 Murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall on a submarine.
Beningham, Chester 20.7.2017 20170720 Alleged suicide by hanging of a 41 yr old American singer.
Finsbury Park Attack 19.6.2017 20170619 A van driven into pedestrians killing 1 and injuring 9.
Manchester Attack 22.5.2017 20170522 Alleged suicide bombing killing 22.
Rhinog helicopter crash 29.3.2017 20170329 Helicopter crashes in Welsh mountains killing 5 people.
Baldwin, Samantha 27.3.2017 20170327 Mother fleas with her 2 sons after family court hearing.
Yaqub, Yassar 2.1.2017 20170102 Shooting by a police officer after stopping vehicle of alleged drug dealer on slip road.
Cox, Jo 16.6.2016 20160616 Alleged assassination of UK MP by shooting and stabbing.
Bamford, Ben 23.2.2016 20160223 Teenager kills high ranking civil servant in knife attack.
Ensink, Dr Jeroen 29.12.2015 20151229 Stabbing to death of a renowned engineer in Islington.
Sandells, Brian 1.12.2015 20151201 Shop owner burned to death inside his own shop in Newcastle.
Shoreham Airshow crash 22.8.2015 20150822 Military aircraft crash at UK Airshow killed 11.
Black, Cilla 1.8.2015 20150801 Death caused by an impact on the head.
Morris, Derek 15.07.2015 20150715 Elderly Bristol based DJ goes missing, is then found dead in a field a year later.
Harris, John 3.6.2015 20150603 Death of a prominent speaker on the Freeman movement.
Didcot, Jed Allen murders 23.5.2015 20150523 21 year old allegedly murders his family, then hangs himself.
Hatton Garden burglary 5.4.2015 20150405 Burglary of a safe deposit in London.
Ball, Ambrose 24.1.2015 20150124 Disappearance and death of 30 year old male in Enfield, North London.
Glasgow, bin lorry 22.12.2014 20141222 Bin lorry kills six people in Glasgow city centre.
Tyrrell, William 12.9.2014 20140912 3 year old Australian boy went missing.
Mayall, Rik 9.6.2014 20140609 Sudden death of a popular UK comedian.
Harris, Rolf 6.5.2014 20140504 Sexual offences of a family entertainer.
Lowe, John 23.2.2014 20190523 Murder of mother and daughter with a shot gun.
Glasgow, helicopter 29.11.2013 20131129 Helicopter crashes onto a Glasgow pub killing 10.
Jenks, Tiffany 8.10.2013 20131008 35 year old woman murdered, shot in the forehead.
Rigby, Lee 22.5.2013 20130522 The alleged beheading on a London street of a UK soldier.
Sandyhook school shootings 14.12.2012 20121214 20 year old man kills 26 people at a school in Connecticut.
Grainger, Anthony 3.3.2012 20120303 Young man shot dead by police officer.
Speed, Gary 27.11.2011 20111127 Successful footballer and manager hangs himself.
Oakes, David 1.6.2011 20110601 Shooting of a mother and her daughter.
Godden, Rebecca 26.03.2011 20110326 Murderer escaped conviction for 5 years due to police “blunders”.
Loughner, Jared Lee 8.1.2011 20110108 Mass shooting, killing 6 people in Tuscon including a judge.
Dewani, Anni Ninna 13.11.2010 20101113 Murder of a Swedish woman in South Africa.
Williams, Gareth 23.8.2010 20100823 MI6 cryptography expert found dead inside a suitcase in a flat in London.
Cumbria Shootings 23.8.2010 20100602 Taxi driver Derrick Bird kills 12 with a hunting rifle and shot gun.
Smolensk air disaster 10.4.2010 20100410 Polish Air Force flight crashed near Smolensk, Russia, killing 96 including the Polish President.
Lauren, Destiny 5.11.2009 20091105 Murder of a trans sex worker.
Lawrence, Claudia 18.3.2009 20090318 Disappearance of a 35 year old woman.
Carroll, Stephen 9.3.2009 20090309 Northern Ireland police officer killed.
Imperial College 3.7.2008 20080703 French biochemistry researchers working on DNA project mysteriously stabbed to death.
Speight, Mark 7.4.2008 20080407 Death of TV presenter couple.
Kercher, Meredith 1.11.2007 20071101 21 year old female British student murdered in Italy.
Gosden, Andrew 14.9.2007 20070914 14 year old boy disappears from home.
Benoit, Chris 24.7.2007 20070724 Wrestler murders his own family then commits suicide.
McCann, Madeleine 29.4.2007 20070429 British child allegedly abducted in Portugal.
Bridgend Suicides 29.1.2007 20070129 Teenagers in same town committing suicide over a fairly short period.
Mathews, Paul 1.11.2005 20051101 Jockey found hanged.
Cooke, Robin 6.8.2005 20050806 Death of a UK Politician.
Downes, Charlene 1.11.2003 20031101 Disappearance and murder of a 14 year old girl in Blackpool.
Kelly, David 17.7.2003 20030717 Alleged suicide of UN weapons inspector.
Jones, Jodi 30.6.2003 20030630 Murder of a 14 year old girl.
Soham Murders 4.8.2002 20020804 A double child murder.
Taylor, Damilola 27.11.2000 20001127 London based Nigerian schoolboy killed.
Payne, Sarah 1.7.2000 20000701 Abduction and murder of 8 year old girl in West Sussex, England.
Andanson, James 4.5.2000 20000504 Photographer found dead in a burnt out BMW with a hole in his head.
Clydach Murders 27.6.1999 19990527 Murder of a family of 4.
Dando, Jill 26.4.1999 19990426 TV presenter shot dead in street.
McMaster, Gordon James 28.7.1997 19970728 Suicide of Scottish MP.
Stone, Michael 9.7.1996 19960709 Murder of a family in Kent, England.
Port Arthur Murders 29.4.1996 19960429 Mass shooting in Tasmania, killing 35.
Dunblane 13.3.1996 19960313 School shooting of 16 pupils and a teacher.
Rettendon murders 6.12.1995 19951206 3 UK drug dealers killed by shot gun while parked in a range rover.
Edwards, Richie 1.2.1995 19950201 Disappearance of lyricist of Welsh rock band.
Cobain, Kirk 5.4.1994 19940405 Rock artist Cobain had overdosed on champagne and Rohypnol.
West, Fred & Rose 24.2.1994 19940224 Serial killer who killed at least 12.
West Memphis Three 5.5.1993 19930505 Murder of 3 boys in alleged satanic ritual.
Needham, Ben 24.7.1991 19910724 British toddler disappears on Greek Island of Kos.
Marchioness disaster 20.8.1989 19890820 Collision and sinking of a boat on the Thames resulting in 51 deaths.
Monkseaton shootings 30.4.1989 19890430 Mass shooting in Tyne & Wear, killing 1 and injuring 14.
Hillsborough disaster 15.4.1989 19890415 97 football supporters crushed to death in stadium.
Flight 1771, West USA 7.12.1987 19871207 Airliner hijacked, then crashed killing everyone.
Morgan, Daniel 10.3.1987 19870310 Private investigator murdered with an axe in Sydenham, London.
Lamplugh, Susannah 28.7.1986 19860728 Disappearance of London based Estate Agent.
Palme, Olaf 28.2.1986 19860228 Murder of Swedish former Prime Minister.
Bamber, Jeremy 7.8.1985 19850907 Murder using a rifle of an entire family.
Bradford City stadium fire 11.5.1985 19850511 Fire at wooden football stadium stand kills 56 people.
McRae, Willie 7.4.1985 19850407 Shooting of a Scottish lawyer and naval officer.
Fletcher, Yvonne 17.4.1984 19840417 Murder of English police woman.
Murrell, Hilda 23.3.1984 19840323 Abduction and murder of an anti nuclear campaigner.
Sutcliffe, Peter 1.6.1977 19770601 Yorkshire serial killer.
Boyle, Mary 18.3.1977 19770318 6 year old Irish girl disappears.
Birmingham Pub Bombings 21.11.1974 19741121 Two pub bombings killing 21 people.
Zodiac Killer 20.12.1968 19681220 Unsolved series of murders in late 1960s California.
Lyon, Keith 6.5.1967 19670506 12 year old schoolboy murdered in southern England, remains unsolved.
Beaumont children disappearance 26.1.1966 19660126 3 siblings disappear, and further allegations of child abuse ring.

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