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257Mike Keegan Self sufficiency, , nature, growing food, Anastasia books, fake reality17-08-2018Watch
201Richard D. Hall What's the real purpose of DEBT?07-03-2015Watch
166Richard D. Hall 2013 UK Tour: 9/11 cover up, media & money02-08-2013Watch
81Ian R. Crane The Monetary System & the debt based economy09-12-2011Watch
73Ian Crane/Neil Sanders Agendas of the Global Elite23-09-2011Watch
51S. Campion & M. Cocking What is the truth about "The Recession"15-04-2011Watch
50Richard D. Hall The economic crisis, central banks & money08-04-2011Watch
3Mark Cocking Secret knowledge and the Central Banking scam14-04-2010Watch

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