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Case Ref : 20020804, Soham Murders

Official Narrative

The Soham murders are a double child murder committed in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England on 4 August 2002. The victims were two 10-year-old girls, Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman, who were lured into the home of a local resident, Ian Kevin Huntley, who subsequently murdered the children—likely via asphyxiation—before disposing of their bodies in an irrigation ditch close to RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk. The girls' bodies were discovered on 17 August 2002.

Email received

I became aware only last month that the Soham murders were yet another cover up by the British establishment. I was forwarded the link below by Francis Richard Conolly, historian and filmmaker of the wonderful JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick, and someone with whom I've been corresponding recently:


Call me naive, but I had no idea that Huntley and Carr had been sent to prison on the basis of zero evidence, on trial in London for no apparent reason, and as patsies-according to the whim of the British Establishment. The parallels with Tommy Mair's plight are striking. Have you ever thought about making a documentary about the Soham case?

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Huntley was sentenced 15 years back to 40 years in prison to make sure he never gets out to tell his story. Ian Huntley and his girlfreind Maxine Carr both appeared on TV Behavoural and voice experts did not think they were at all guilty for the killings of 10 year old Holly and Jessica, Huntley has said yes he did it, while Maxine has insisted all along they did not do it and her sentence was for not admitting any part in the crime. The bodies of the 2 little girls were found beside the perimeter fence of Lakenheath air base here in the UK. Why would Huntley take the bodies and lay them in one of the most CCTV watched places in the world, because Nuclear weapons are stored at Lakenheath it has sound and vision monitoring all through and the surrounding area. Yet the Air base commander would not help in any way, yet secretly sent home to the USA Ted Studebaker next day, an airman with sexual convictions against children The fact that the public more and more are saying they also believe they did not do the killings, is shown by the amount of marriage proposals both received while in prison. It is said that just as Sirhan Sirhan Mark Chapman and others were brain washed to admit to crimes and pleaded guilty so it was with Huntley. The investigator Joe Vials looked into the case at the time and back then said they did not do it, Tony Blair was just about to take us into a war o the people of Iraq and could not have any bad publicity about a US airman killing 2 small girls so Tony Blair is alleged to have said "find a scapegoat quickly, we need to put this to bed " This comes from no less a source that Tonys ex wife, the loathsome Cherie Blair. Its time now we had a proper enquiry, involving the US air base and all those involved in the fit up. Joe Vials was murdered on July 17 2005, two years after Holly and Jessica his death certificate says Heart Attack

Email received

Please read this article it's Joe Vialls' original article, and possibly the reason he died.

Here it is:


Plus a few more:

1) This link is crucial because it links to item about Dean Warwick (respected whistleblower who died only seconds into his presentation in Blackpool).

Below this link I've pasted a section of an interview Dean Warwick gave weeks before his death, PLEASE read this because he actually refers to the Ian Huntley framing. Plus 7/8 kids per week in Dorset/New Forest being found by cops with their throats slit etc. & missing children in general.


Dean Warwick-

"I have it from a police officer involved direct from Dorset police. Every week they find 7 to 8 children in the New forest that have been slit around there necks, down their shoulders, their skin has been peeled off their backs and there flesh has been eaten into whilst they are alive. Now I think this has to do with what my grandfather warned me I would learn about later on (earlier in the interview Dean had said his grandfather had warned him that when Dean was older he would come across a secret and it would destroy him) and it bring me to the Jessica and Holly event. Anybody who believes that Ian Huntley had anything to do with the killing of those kids wants their head examined"

Dave Starbuck-

"Four years ago I did a presentation 'Who really murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman' and the response I had was so tremendous, which included two solicitors and a Barrister."

Dean Warwick-

"What we have is Ian Huntley was there because, found in the tucks of his trousers were seeds from plants that were in this forest. He could have got them from anywhere, they could have been planted. This man is so dumb that he takes these bodies to this place, he strips them of their clothes and pours petrol on them to burn them. Well anybody who's got half a brain knows that you would leave the clothes on to soak up the petrol and make the fire burn more. He takes the clothes back to the school, he gets out a bin from underneath the stage, puts the clothes in the bin and sprinkles petrol on them and sets them alight waits until they're burned so far and puts the fire out with a hose. This is nonsense! We have the case of the lady who has tried to get a newspaper or to get any form of media to print her story. Whether it's true or not I don't know. The line is that she walked her dog in that Forrest everyday for 2 weeks before Jessica and Holly were discovered. She said military police were blocking the road"

Dave Starbuck-

"That's correct, yes I heard that from another source as well."

Dean Warwick-

"And then we have the case of the runner who was interviewed outside the court whilst the case was proceeding against Huntley and he said for 3 nights he had been running and ran past those woods and he had heard girls screaming in those woods. Now my information of what happened to Jessica and Holly is as follows and it comes from high-ranking American military intelligence whom as far as I am concerned I believe. They are within government, they are mdeep within government, who they are what they is another story. Those girls bodies where treated with a set of talons and they were raped. Now whether this was part of a cult or it is a part of a transmutation of a presence is open to argument. I personally think that David Icke has got a point but he actually misses the point slightly and some of what we have got to do with reptilians and other entities is somewhere there but we're not getting to it. But when we bring this back to the event of 7 to 8 (bodies) being found in the New forest and Dorset and this police officer tells that one his associates is one who has to inspect the bodies, each time he is nearly suicidal with what he is finding"

Dave Starbuck-

"I can believe that"

2) Joe Vialls article part 1:


3) Joe Vialls article part 2:


4) Joe Vialls original Investigations Archive, reproduced by another supportive website:


5) Joe Vialls Huntley trial analysis:


6) Interesting article from The Tap about Joe Vialls' Ian Huntley coverup and lots of personal information about Joe Vialls himself:


After his death his website remained online for a good three years. All recent links to his writings appear to be questionable.

Quote from The Tap:

"Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality." – Michael Ellner






In 2010 this case was discussed in a very early Richplanet episode, show no. 28, part 2. The programme aired on Sky TV. A few days after it aired, this media story appeared across mainstream press. Bear in mind the case was 8 years old. At the time I felt the media story was no co-incidence, and that it may have been put out in order to re-affirm the official narrative - due to the points raised on the Richplanet TV show. As I recall, it was on the front page of the Sun Newspaper, literally a few days after the Richplanet show aired.

For most people who only look at mainstream news sources, it is inconceivable that these murders could have been carried out by someone else, due to the fact that the media did such a good job of demonising the couple.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "