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Case Ref : 20180620, Gradon, Sophie Hannah

Official Narrative

Sophie Hannah Gradon (25 October 1985 – 20 June 2018) was an English model. In 2008, she won Miss Newcastle. In 2009, Gradon won the title Miss Great Britain. In 2016, she was a contestant on the second series of ITV2's Love Island.

Gradon was found dead at her parents house in Medburn on 20 June 2018. She was 32. A spokesperson for the Northumbria Police reported that there did not appear to be suspicious circumstances and a cause of death was not initially revealed. Officials later stated the cause of death was likely suicide; Gradon had hanged herself.

Email received

I am not sure if you are familiar with Sophie Gradon who apparently just killed herself, Miss gb from Newcastle who was on love island two years ago and her boyfriend killing himself a couple weeks later. Well his friend from Cramlington, Darren, also killed himself. My sister was at Sophie’s small funeral and the word is she was found hanging by a belt that was wrapped around door knob, she was sat on chair with sleeping tablets in her hand? They were only together a few month. Could it be he killed her and was under investigation, unbeknownst to the public and he topped himself, fearing of going back inside for a much longer time (he was previously locked up for drugs) or could this be microwaves directed at them a la Bridgend suicides. Anyway this definitely seems up for scrutiny.


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