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Case Ref : 20160223, Bamford, Ben

Official Narrative

A teenager has been jailed for at least 16 years after being found guilty of murdering a high-ranking civil servant after they met via the gay social networking app Grindr.

A judge said Ben Bamford, then 17, caused “merciless carnage” by using at least three knives to inflict more than 40 injuries on Paul Jefferies, 52, including slashing his throat.

Email received

There’s a case going on in Lewes crown court of a 18 year old called Ben Bamford, he’s accused of murdering top advisor to George Osbourne. Everyone is saying that he’s harmless and this is completely out of character. Already there’s anomalies in the reporting one of the first accounts. The police said, there was 4 knives involved and Ben can’t remember if he killed him or not even though he cut the mans throat after the throat cut he drove and picked a friend up, then drove to Eastbourne Hospital and was admitted for self harming. He also can’t remember self harming and perhaps his behaviour in the hospital was odd. Have a look perhaps his friends were involved or maybe something sinister?


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