Jo Cox Detectives Statement Analysis

D.I. Nick Wallen and D.S. Andy Cass statements about the Murder of Jo Cox

Analysis produced November, 2018 - By Peter Hyatt - Hyatt Analysis Services


On 16th June 2016, a British MP, Jo Cox, was murdered in broad daylight outside a library in Birstall, Yorkshire. The murder was witnessed by several people. The attacker allegedly shot Jo Cox three times and allegedly stabbed her several times. The attacker wore a baseball cap, and none of the witnesses knew the identity of the attacker. The attacker was not named by anyone at the scene of the crime. There is a long list of anomalies in this case which point to a serious miscarriage of justice. The alleged attacker, 52 year old Thomas Mair was arrested over a mile away from the murder scene and I suspect at the time of his arrest he had no knowledge about the murder, therefore there is doubt about whether the police arrested and charged the correct man. There is also doubt about whether the man who was interviewed by the police and stood trial WAS Thomas Mair. There are four witnesses I have interviewed independently of each other, all who knew Thomas Mair, and all state that the man being interviewed shown on video by police is not Thomas Mair. I suspect the two officers being interviewed for a TV documentary were involved in framing an innocent man for a murder he did not commit. Does the language of the two detectives show guilty knowledge that Thomas Mair is innocent and played no part in the murder of Jo Cox? Please note that in the CCTV evidence mentioned by the detectives, the suspect is wearing a baseball cap which is obscuring his face, therefore in no CCTV sequence can Thomas Mair be identified.


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