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Case Ref : 20210901, York river deaths

Official Narrative

MORE than 20 people have died in York’s rivers over the past five years - with a dramatic shift in the average age of casualties from young people to older victims, often suffering from mental health problems.


Email received

Just wanted to alert you or notify you of a situation in my home city or York over the last few years that is leading to many deaths..... Mmm Have you ever looked into the York River Ouse deaths over the last few years? I've been a York resident all my life and we have never had people drowning in the river Ouse in York like they do now and have done so for maybe 5 years or so, all of York residents talk about how there must be some sort of a “pusher” like the “Manchester pusher” or possibly a serial killer and I've also heard reference to the missing 411 work. The deaths are being officially put down to people getting intoxicated and falling in however this is extremely unlikely as someone would see or hear such a thing, plus this is a recent phenomenon and it just doesn't add up at all.

I don't have the time to investigate this at any real depth unlike yourself however I'm convinced these people are not just pissed and are falling into the river as nobody ever seems to see or hear anything and the river banks in York City centre are not hidden away by any means and someone would see or hear something. Anyway just a thought I'm sure you could do the mystery justice if you ever looked into it.


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "