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293Andrew Johnson What is the reason for MSM change in attitude towards UFO's ?30-11-2021Watch
2919/11 Trick Show An explanation about why the 9/11 video and radar analysis was undertaken10-09-2021Watch
277Andrew Johnson Israel and its influence over America29-11-2019Watch
256Chris Hampton Jo Cox, Birmingham 6, Sex, climate, 9/11 technology01-08-2018Watch
244Mark Conlon & A. Johnson 9/11 disinfo and lack of evidence of planes09-09-2017Watch
233Richard D. Hall Puppets, Middle East & 9/11 Video Analysis21-10-2016Watch
231Andrew Johnson David Icke's work, the CIA, 9/11 & disinformation23-09-2016Watch
221Dr Judy Wood Directed energy weapon used on 9/1124-01-2016Watch
213Andrew Johnson Is there a link between crop circles & 9/1124-11-2015Watch
178Richard D. Hall 2014 Lecture - Perfidious Planet26-04-2014Watch
177Morgan Reynolds Evidence which shows planes were not used on 9/1129-03-2014Watch
166Richard D. Hall 2013 UK Tour: 9/11 cover up, media & money02-08-2013Watch
144Richard D. Hall Horse psy-op, Saville psy-op, Horsham, Twins & UFOs!08-03-2013Watch
143Dr Judy Wood A lecture about WHAT happened on 9/11 - Part 201-03-2013Watch
142Dr Judy Wood A lecture about WHAT happened on 9/11 - Part 122-02-2013Watch
140Dr. Judy Wood Energy weapon used on 9/11 & the cover up08-02-2013Watch
129Best of Richplanet 1 9/11 & the technology behind it09-11-2012Watch
122Andrew Johnson 9/11 energy weapon & the cold fusion cover up21-09-2012Watch
108Andrew Johnson Comparing video and radar evidence on 9/1115-06-2012Watch
85Andrew Johnson Directed energy weapons and the 9/11 cover up06-01-2012Watch
78Dr. Judy Wood - Part 2 9/11, "Where Did The Towers Go"18-11-2011Watch
76Dr. Judy Wood - Part 1 9/11, "Where Did The Towers Go"11-11-2011Watch
58Andrew Johnson Dr. Judy Woods Book: Where Did The Towers Go?27-05-2011Watch
10Andrew Johnson 9/11 Physical evidence, what happened to the towers25-06-2010Watch
9Andrew Johnson 9/11 TV footage and amateur video analysis18-06-2010Watch

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