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Case Ref : 20211003, Wong, Wilfred

Official Narrative

A man convicted of plotting to kidnap a child in North Wales remains a significant risk to children, according to a judge. Wilfred Wong, 56, claims to have been campaigning for years to protect children. A jury at Caernarfon Crown Court in July decided Wong was guilty of conspiring with others to kidnap Child A and possessing a knife in a public place in the violent and botched abduction bid. At his sentencing on Thursday, she said: "You have strongly held and entrenched views in relation to the alleged victims of satanic ritual abuse. You have and will continue to justify the kidnap and abduction of children where such allegations are made."

Email received

Hey Richard, I want you to do some investigative journalism on the Wilfred Wong case. He was set up by the establishment all because he saved a child from a satanic cult. He was recently sentenced to 30+ years. His co defendant allegedly (((killed himself))) in custody not long after he was arrested. This smells like a cover up to me. Wilfred was prominent for exposing satanic ritual abuse. He was on Shaun Attwoods channel, if you can take a look it would be great. I know he's innocent, it's obviously an establishment cover up like the Hamstead satanic cult cover up, God bless


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "