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Case Ref : 20200925, Ratana, Matt

Official Narrative

Matt Ratana (c. 1966 – 25 September 2020) was a New Zealand-born British police sergeant who was shot dead inside a police custody facility in London on 25 September 2020. He was nearing retirement having served in the Metropolitan Police for nearly 30 years when he became the first police officer to be fatally shot in the UK since the murders of Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone in 2012.

Email received

I was astonished recently by the alleged murder of police officer Matt Ratana. It seems nigh on impossible to me that someone with their hands handcuffed behind them could pull out a concealed revolver and shoot the officer five times. I'm sure you're equally sceptical of this event and wondered if you had any plans to investigate.


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