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Case Ref : 19990527, Case Name

Official Narrative

On June 27, 1999, a raging house fire in Clydach awakened some of those living in the small valley town.

No one knew how the fire started. Neighbours were eager to put it out but were unable to do so. Then, the fire services arrived, and a firefighter brought out the first occupant, the body of a young woman. Only later did anyone realise that the burning house was a murder scene.

A family of four living in Clydach, 34-year-old Mandy Power, her 80-year-old invalid mother Doris Dawson, and Mandy’s two daughters Katie 10, and Emily 8, were brutally beaten to death by an attacker wielding a four-foot fiberglass pole.

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Have you ever considered doing a full statement analysis etc of this case? There are so many gaping holes in the original story, the book by John Morris has so much detail by lacks the vigour which your videos and presentations have.

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Have done a bit of research regarding a certain David Morris also known as he Clydach murderer. In my view total police cover up. If you get a spare 5 mins take a look.

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I am one of over 17'000 members of a Facebook page that supports the family of David Morris (the Clydach Murders) who believe that David has been in prison for 20 years for a crime he did NOT commit.

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Dear mr Hall. Have you ever thought of bringing Thr Clydach murders to your site a great miscarriage of justice disgusting.


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