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Case Ref : 20131129, Glasgow, helicopter

Official Narrative

On 29 November 2013, a police helicopter operated by Bond Air Services for Police Scotland crashed into the Clutha, a pub in central Glasgow, killing all three crew on board and seven patrons of the pub. Thirty-one more people in the pub were injured.

The subsequent investigation concluded that the cause of the crash was fuel starvation due to incorrect operation of the fuel system.

Email received

I was speaking today to a contact who at this stage has not given me any permissions to pass this info on, which may or may not already be common knowledge- I might be behind the curve on this, but it was 'news' to me.

We were talking in general about cover ups and I was told, in helicopter pilot circles, there are rumours as to the reason for the crash which suggests more than the initial findings of 'pilot error'.

The formal inquiry into the crash begins on April 8th 2019 which is now not far away and it will be interesting to see what conclusions are drawn at this.

I have not personally carried out any investigation into the crash, but have spoken socially to one ex Glasgow Police person and one person working in helicopter circles and the rumour is, allegedly, that the pilot deliberately turned off the fuel to commit suicide in a spectacular way, whilst, as an ex military pilot he was suffering from PTSD. His passengers , the police officers were unaware of his condition or intentions.

Because the operators of the helicopter also operate helicopters far and wide in Scotland, including extensively in the oil industry, they do not wish this to be proven and would prefer the conclusion 'pilot error' and nothing else, as it would have serious implications for their business.

All this is conjecture and am not personally making these allegations, just reporting to you what has been voiced to me anecdotally.

Might be worth keeping an eye on proceedings of the inquiry to see what conclusions are drawn and, maybe, with a need for further unbiased investigations to be made- over to you.

Email received

This may sound far fetched but when I saw Alex Salmond, point is he was right in their like a shot and when a saw him on sky news standing with the police and stuff and also his opposition against the independence also spoke on the news they both seemed to be in competition in terms of who can deal with this situation I have a feeling one of them may have had something to do with it and I've got on other theory the city council has been renovating all along the Clyde and been getting rid of buildings and stuff and making it look presentable for common welth games this year so it could also be a false flag to get rid of the pub what's you're view on this and if anything you’re unsure about then give me a ring on 07*********

Email received

Have you considered analysing the 2013 Glasgow Helicopter crash? Privately operated (wet lease) helicopter on Police mission allows itself to run out of fuel and crash fatally onto a pub roof. Lengthy CAA with various (suppressed) revisions and nobody actually blamed, just a recommendation for more recording equipment. Helicopter supplier for all Police work and air ambulances in Scotland carries on regardless (after a rebranding). No release of Police communications or decisions. Just a civil Fatal Accident Enquiry some time in the future to look for H & S violations presumably.


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