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Case Ref : 19860728, Lamplugh, Susannah

Official Narrative

Susannah Jane Lamplugh (born 3 May 1961) was a British estate agent reported missing on 28 July 1986 (aged 25) in Fulham, London, England, United Kingdom. She was officially declared dead, presumed murdered, in 1993. The last clue to Lamplugh's whereabouts was an appointment to show a house in Shorrolds Road to someone she referred to as "Mr Kipper". As of July 2022, the case remains unsolved.

Email received

Do you remember the mysterious disappearance of the estate agent Suzy Lamplugh? and the police appeal for a 'Mr Kipper'? The name was claimed to be that of the person she was going to meet. A few years back, a couple of friends and I met up with a retired Fleet Street journalist in Newport (Pembs); he said to us, "Do you remember Suzy Lamplugh, and how the police are looking for a Mr Kipper?" We said we did. "Well", he continued, her family have holidayed down here for years, they have a holiday home, "Mr Kipper, is the name of their boat!"

I mentioned this at a Probe talk a few years back, and a former police intelligence officer approached me afterwards. He confirmed that 'they' knew it was the name of the family's boat but could not understand why the police were continuing to appeal for info on Mr Kipper.

She vanished on 28th July 1986, 3 days before the eve of the fire and light festival of Lughnasadh (Lamp - Lugh).

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust came out of this.

Police are still appealing for information on 'Mr Kipper'.


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