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Case Ref : 20000701, Payne, Sarah

Official Narrative

Sarah Evelyn Isobel Payne (13 October 1991 - 1 July 2000) was the victim of a high-profile abduction and murder in West Sussex, England in July 2000. Her disappearance and the subsequent investigation into her murder became a prominent case in the United Kingdom, as did the campaign for changes to child protection legislation which resulted from the murder. The murder investigation was also notable for the use of forensic evidence, which played a major role in securing a conviction.

Roy Whiting was convicted of abduction and murder in December 2001 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Email received

I am getting involved more and more in true crime stories. I have been looking at the Sara Payne case today for example. I suspect Sara Payne’s mother knew the alleged perpetrator.

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Hi ....this may be of interest to you. Sara Payne...that was a cover up...similar to Madeleine McCann.


The circumstances of the disappearance seem contrived or manufactured in my opinion. There are a number of facts about this case which raise questions about how true the official narrative is.

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