About Richplanet

Richplanet is the name of a website launched by electrical engineer Richard D. Hall in early 2008. The website initially was intended to provide a wide range of information about the subject of UFOs. It focused on famous researchers, cases, evidence and witnesses. Later in 2008, Richard was approached by Edge Media Television, a new alternative TV channel who were looking for somebody to provide material about the UFO subject for their channel. The channel operated on Sky Channel 200 from 2008 to 2010. Richard made 24 half hour low budget TV programmes which were screened on Edge Media Television between 2008 and early 2010. These shows were in four series of 6 entitled "RICHPLANET.NET".

After making these shows, Richard decided to produce a weekly hour long TV show, to cover the UFO subject along with many other controversial topics. Focusing on subjects not covered in a just or serious manner by mainstream media and bringing objective analysis to some poorly understood areas. Mind control, terrorism, hidden history, state lead cover ups, space exploration, alternative energey are just some of the subjects which have been covered on the show. The hour long weekly TV show launched in April 2010 and was originally called "The Richplanet Starship". Shortly after the new show launched, Edge Media Television stopped broadcasting due to financial difficulties, so Richplanet approached "Information TV Ltd" (a neighbouring channel) to ask if they would be interested in screening the show. They agreed and the show (renamed Richplanet TV) was broadcast on Showcase TV (Sky 192) for a further 5 years ending in 2015.

Richard now produces a series of 12 in depth programmes annually. The shows are free to watch and are broadcast online, usually going out fortnightly for the duration of the series. Richard also produces regular films and undertakes a UK speaking tour every year. The online TV series usually airs during the latter part of each year starting in the summer. The annual tour and film releases take place in spring. Click here and scroll down the page for a list of over 200 programmes Richplanet has produced, all available to watch for free.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "