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Case Ref : 20200906, Birmingham stabbings

Official Narrative

A knifeman who killed one man and wounded seven other people in a two-hour stabbing rampage across Birmingham city centre is being hunted by police. The first stabbing was in Constitution Hill at 00:30 BST then the killer moved south, apparently attacking at random, officers said. The stabbings did not appear terrorism related, gang related or connected to disorder, West Midlands Police said. Murder inquiry detectives said they were hunting a single suspect.

Email received

After reviewing the arrest video of the Birmingham stabbings 06/09/20, the timelines and locations of the actual arrest video and the stories coming out of MSM there is a big discrepancy, so I smell a rat. Here is a link to the arrest video taken 8:00am at the Colmore Row bus stop:



" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "