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Case Ref : 20140223, Lowe, John

Official Narrative

Pensioner John Lowe who murdered two women at his puppy farm near Farnham could go from "bouncing around to this evil person", an inquest has heard.

John Lowe was 82 when he murdered Christine Lee, 66, and Lucy Lee, 40, at Keepers Cottage Stud, off Waverley Lane in Tilford, in February 2014.

He was convicted of murder in October that year and jailed for life with a minimum of 25 years. He died in prison in August 2014.

An inquest into the deaths of the two women opened at Surrey coroner's court in Woking on Thursday (May 23), and is examining how aware police and other agencies were of the threat Lowe posed.

Coroner Richard Travers told the jury: "Some of the evidence you will hear is controversial and contradictory because the accounts of friends and family do differ, and on the whole you will not have to resolve these differences or decide precisely where the truth lies."

Email received

Stacy Banner posted about a paedophile ring in connection with John Lowe, who murdered her mother & sister. I'd known Lowe since about 1980. Even though he asked me to arrange a hit on his then partner, I didn't know about any paedo connection, but I'm not surprised.

I reported the approach to me to my handler's boss. Card attached. But nothing came of it. The IPCC, whilst investigating matters involving the murders, Surrey police claimed they had never been contacted about a 'hit' on Lowe's partner. However, I understand that during a search of what I believe to be police hq, the IPCC found the notification details of the 'hit'. So why did they ignore the notification & claimed it didn't exist & why let him keep his guns then, & later when he threatened Stacy before the double murder.

Personally I'm not that interested in that matter, although I am willing to share what I know. I'm not a hit-man or arranger of hits, but a lot of people thought I was. Including the some police high level policemen. One actually said to me he thought I was giving them info on particular hits as a smokescreen, so I could carry out others.

At the time they think they're living it up like Miami Vice with big cars etc. I contacted one of my handlers after he retired as he was in his local paper about a dog story. He begged me not to tell his new tv personality wife about what he really did in the police.

I'm 66 now & I've tried to be as good as possible throughout my life. I don't smoke, drink or gamble & never have. I've been charged with things but have never spent any time in prison. I'm still an asset to them because they think they can talk me round to helping them again if the need arises. I'll let them keep thinking that.


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "