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Case Ref : 19951206, Rettendon murders

Official Narrative

The Rettendon murders (also known as the Range Rover murders or Essex murders) occurred on 6 December 1995 in the village of Rettendon in Essex, England, when three drug dealers were shot dead in a Range Rover on a small farm track. The murders were followed by a major police investigation (Operation Century) and have been the subject of books and feature films.


It is believed in some quarters that the men convicted who are still in prison did not commit these murders.

This case has been well researched by various sources and suggests this may the case.

Another factor which may be linked is the death of Leah Betts which preceeded the murders by 3 weeks. There was a large public outcry, of people wanting action.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "