UK Speaking Tours
The April 2020 UK tour was replaced with a "virtual" tour due to measures imposed on us. The tour video will be available to watch free of charge after 13 June 2020.

This year Richard launched a book and a film covering the 2017 Manchester Arena incident. This subject was covered on last years tour, but since then a considerable ammount of new information has come to light and analysis of many of the witnesses has been undertaken.

New developments continue to unravel with regards the alleged killing of MP Jo Cox and the innocent man who was convicted of her murder. An update on new developments is covered.

In part 2, some statement analysis carried out by Peter Hyatt on Bob Lazar, the man who claimed to work at area 51 on flying saucers. Was Lazar truthful? A number of other topics are covered and as usual I will try to bring some humour to these often challenging topics.
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Thank you to everyone who has attended, your support is very much appreciated.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "