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Case Ref : 20170327, Baldwin, Samantha

Official Narrative

A mother who fled with her two sons drugged them with sedatives and made allegations of sexual abuse against their father, a judge has said.

Samantha Baldwin, 40, and her sons vanished on 27 March at the conclusion of a family court hearing.

Judge Jeremy Lea said that although she had genuinely believed there had been sexual abuse, her allegations were false.

Ms Baldwin has been arrested on suspicion of abduction and bailed.

The mother and boys were found on 6 April near Ollerton in Nottinghamshire.

Email received

I think you should do a show with journalist Richard Carvath about the Samantha Baldwin child abuse case.

He has a lot of inside information

Email received

Please can you look into the Samantha Baldwin case. The mother from Nottingham with the two sons.

I believe this maybe linked to the ring you have investigated.


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