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Case Ref : 19960709, Stone, Michael

Official Narrative

British man who was convicted of the 1996 murders of Lin and Megan Russell and the attempted murder of Josie Russell, and who is a suspected serial killer. He was sentenced to three life sentences with a tariff of 25 years for the Russell killings.

Stone maintains his innocence and continues to contest his conviction. His legal team argues that the serial killer Levi Bellfield could possibly be the true perpetrator of the attack.

Email received

I forgot to mention the link between Bellfield (now known as Yusuf Rahim! apparently) and the Lyn and Megan Russell murders. I always thought Stone was just a scape goat for the murders, but post confession, it seems highly likely that he is a victim of a miscarriage of justice. You say that police were covering up their immoral activity, and were probably responsible for two more of Bellfield's victim's deaths. What if the reason the judiciary is reluctant to properly examine the confession, and Stone's case, is the same as the Bellfield one? What if they are covering up sexual abuse and murder, by continuing with the Stone did it tale? Only you have the right spade for this one, Richard, if you get me.


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