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Case Ref : 20180201, Platt-May, Casper and Corey

Official Narrative

The father of two boys killed in a hit-and-run crash took his own life on holiday, a coroner has concluded.

Reece Platt-May, 30, was found dead in a hotel in Kavos, Corfu, on the day he was due to return home in May 2018.

His sons Casper, two, and Corey, six, had been struck by a speeding driver, who was high on cocaine, as they made their way to a park in Coventry three months earlier.

Coroner Sean McGovern said the city had been "horrified" by all three deaths.

The cause of Mr Platt-May's death was confirmed as hanging at a previous inquest hearing.


Email received

I believe it was a false story because I saw they photoshopped the car damaged in the accident. I have sent the photos to you. There were other things too that were troubling.


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "