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Case Ref : 20080703, Imperial College

Official Narrative

Two French research students were tied up, repeatedly stabbed and left in a burning flat in London, police said today.

One senior detective investigating the double murder described the attack as the most shocking he had ever seen.

The bodies of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23, were found in a house in southeast London after neighbours heard an explosion and saw a man running from the scene.

The Metropolitan Police said the biochemistry students working on a DNA project were covered with stab wounds all over their bodies.

The friends were dead before the fire started at Mr Bonomo's rented flat in New Cross late on Sunday.

Officers have not established a motive for the attack and have appealed for anyone who knew them to come forward. They had no criminal links or contact with the police in France or England, Det Duthie added.

The pair were on a three-month research project at Imperial College London, one of the world's leading science universities.

Dano Sonnex, 23, and Nigel Farmer, 33, appeared via videolink at London's Old Bailey court to plead not guilty to their killings, the Press Association reported.



Email received (part of)

Do you remember this story? I thought it was suspect at the time.


Mick Duthie has been involved in a cover up case before. He was in charge of Scotland Yards Madeleine McCann work.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "