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Case Ref : 20090309, Carroll, Stephen

Official Narrative

Stephen Carroll was a Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) officer who was killed by the Continuity IRA on 9 March 2009 in Craigavom, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Carroll's killing marked the first time a serving police officer had been killed since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Two days before the attack the Real IRA shot dead two British soldiers in Massereene, County Antrim. This period marked a significant escalation in the campaign by dissident republicans.

Email received

I am attempting to make contact with Richard Hall in regards to a massive cover up which involves the framing of my nephew and his friend as "Terrorists" who were charged and convicted of the murder of a PSNI Officer PC Stephen Carroll here in Northern Ireland on 9th March 2009. They were charged and convicted based on an alleged "Tracking Device" which the Security Services planted illegally in his car and later claimed the data was erased by the SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment) and the data wipe was by accident (Michael Mansfield QC has disputed this can be done)

I am a blood uncle of John Paul Wootton (Convicted of the Murder) and I can supply any details needed regarding the case, a case which has been shrouded in intelligence secrecy which put my nephew (aged 17 then) and his friend in Jail for life. This case is so bizarre that it beggars belief. Because it is so bizarre it is a case which I feel Richard has the capability to investigate should he look further into it. If there is anything Richard needs in relation to the case whatsoever I can get it. Like I said, I am the uncle aged 42 and also a blood uncle of John Paul Wootton. This case even had Michael Mansfield QC in defense of my Nephew and his co convicted as stated above.

Just recently Dublin City Council has called for their release. You only need to Google John Paul Wootton to find out what the case is and how the SS bugged his car and later said the data was deleted and then used the deleted data in court??? Yes it doesn’t make sense..

It has all the usual characters involved like Sir Hugh Orde, 3 different intelligence agencies and a lot of speculation. Also involved in fighting the case were family of the men who were wrongly convicted for the Guildford Pub bombings and 3 men of the Birmingham Six who were also wrongly convicted.

If anything, please look into it. Richard Hall is regarded as a high standard Journalist and exceptional investigator by myself. He is also not like any other MSM reporter we have here in N.Ireland. I can be contacted via Landline and Mobile. Also any details for identifying myself and be automatically verified. All I am asking is that if Richard looks deeper into this, and finds it has criteria for further investigation, then he will have at his disposal anything he needs for it. The cost is not a problem. Thanks Very Much for reading this.

Email received

I watched your presentation about you being here in Ireland.

The loyalist / Republican thing could be a danger to you and yours so I would advise great caution.

I live in Ardoyne N.Belfast and I know a lot of people who I could get to help you in your endeavors here,.

Currently the Loyalists are feuding (again) and have been shooting at each other, and shooting in some cases have resulted in death.

Oh and if they do that to their own, what would they do to an "outsider"

Paddy Hill was present at a number of court cases with our family.

The B6 case is not what I am interested in. If you take an afternoon and look into the case of JOHN P WOOTTON

You will find that not one piece of Evidence/Material Evidence was used nor found and both men were convicted

Based on a statement that was clearly concocted for but not by Witness M (whos Debts were paid off and a brand new "SAFE HOUSE"

was bought for him and afforded holidays abroad a year.

When his father learnt his Son was witness M he went on Public record stating it was impossible for his sons statement to be true and named a cataloge of reasons why this was the case. His Father was then "Renditioned" by MI5 and threatened.

Needless to say the judge refused to accept his fathers statement and opted for the son who has had an eyesight problem all his lfe.

This meant his eyewitness testimony was impossible.

Witness M did not hand himself in, but was arrested 11 months later on Valentines night after a domestic wuth his missus.

He was never charged and went straight into the WPP protection program.

Whatever the case...Stay in touch. And if you need N. Ireland assistance, I would gladly help.

Because you’re one of a few special kind that dig deep and gets TRUTH out and I respect anynone for that.

BTW Richard, Thank You for your reply. I hope one day down the year/s you help expose this case for what it is.

Many Many Thanks


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "