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Case Ref : 20051101, Mathews, Paul

Official Narrative

A LIVERPOOL jockey who won races around the world was found hanged at the stables where he worked.

Paul Matthews notched up more than 100 winners before quitting because of weight problems.

The 41-year-old was found dead by his fiancée at La Grange Stables in Newmarket, where he was a stablehand.

His death followed those of two of his stablehand friends in the Suffolk horseracing town - both of whom hanged themselves.


Email received

I've been an avid viewer to your videos over the past year and it's really opened my eyes to the world. I was watching your video about the Bridgend suicides (Richplanet Show 246, Part 2), and it reminded me of these suicides in Newmarket stables in 2005.


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