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Case Ref : 19660126, Beaumont children disappearance

Official Narrative

Jane Nartare Beaumont (born 10 September 1956), Arnna Kathleen Beaumont (born 11 November 1958) and Grant Ellis Beaumont (born 12 July 1961), collectively known as the Beaumont children, were three Australian siblings who disappeared from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia, on 26 January 1966 (Australia Day) in a suspected abduction and murder. At the time of their disappearance they were aged nine, seven and four years, respectively.

Police investigations revealed that, on the day of their disappearance, several witnesses had seen the children on and near Glenelg Beach in the company of a tall man with fairish to light-brown hair and a thin face with a sun-tanned complexion and medium build, aged in his mid-thirties. Confirmed sightings of the three children occurred at the Colley Reserve and at Wenzel's cake shop on Moseley Street, Glenelg. Despite numerous searches, neither the children nor their suspected companion were located.

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It goes for 1 hour 17 minutes. Please watch it from start to finish.

I saw reference to it by a Poster on Michael Smith's Web Site. See below. Both Michael Smith and Dave McAlpine are both EX Police.

You might want to listen to Dave McAlpine and Michael Smith discussing the situation they are in.......


off the below link.


Phil said in reply to Roger...

"Imagine we were talking about evidence as to where the body of a murder victim was buried."

Mike, when you get time, you really should listen to Rachel Vaughn's testimony to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) from London this month. Has to do with witness testimony as to the location of the missing Beaumont children from the 60'sand who did it. SAPOL just don't seem interested. Strange.


If you are not in a position to highlight the Beaumont Missing Children Case, but have Contacts that can. Please pass this on to them.


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