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Case Ref : 20190417, Welsh, Bradley

Official Narrative

Edinburgh man Bradley Welsh was shot and killed outside his home in April 2019 and a bloody gang warfare has since broken out on the streets of Edinburgh.

Sean Orman was convicted of the murder in May of this year and sentenced to 28 years in prison but a series of revenge attacks followed..

At the High Court in Edinburgh the judge said the murder was “meticulously planned assassination” following the 12 day trial.

During the trial Edinburgh man George ‘Dode’ Baigrie was named repeatedly as the one who ordered Orman to carry out the killing.

Email received

I’m sure you’ll have read about the recent shooting in Edinburgh of the boxer Bradley Welsh? Well I’m no expert or detective but the whole thing stinks to me. I feel there is reason to believe the official narrative is nothing but bollocks to be frank. He ran boxing clubs. Did charity work across the city and worked with many youngsters over the years and I cant help but wonder if he knew things he shouldn’t and was about to speak up. That man did not get shot in the back of the head in posh Edinburgh for a 100k coke debt.... no chance. I would love to hear your theory and see if you think there’s more to this than meets the eye.


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "