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Case Ref : 20171118, Pope, Gaia

Official Narrative

Gaia Pope, the Dorset teenager whose disappearance sparked a high-profile police inquiry, died from hypothermia, an inquest has heard.

Pope’s body was found by police search teams in undergrowth between Dancing Ledge and Anvil Point, close to the Swanage coastal path, on 18 November, 11 days after she was reported missing by her family.

After the discovery, her family said she had been struggling with a “lot of issues” and they wanted to know more about the circumstances of her death.

During the police investigation into her disappearance, three people were arrested and later released without charge.

Email received

I thought I would raise a case you may be familiar with as being well strange, it is the disappearance and death of 19 he old Gaia Pope.

Even a casual glance at the facts and interviews pertaining to the case raise some questions. On the surface is the body language and statement analysis aspects of interviews with her father and Rosemary Dinch, the names of some involved are unusual, Gaia has a sister Maya Pope, and a cousin Marienna Pope Wiedemann. Gaia was epileptic and suffered from PTSD following an alleged sex assault two years before her death, she was missing for 11 days before being found, cause of death hypothermia. One of the photos of her is her as Alice in Wonderland, most of the selfies of her online are slightly sexually suggestive.

I look forward to your new videos and wish you all the best.


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "