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Case Ref : 20170810, Madsen, Peter Langkjaer

Official Narrative

Peter Langkjær Madsen (Danish born 12 January 1971) is a Danish convicted murderer and former entrepreneur. In April 2018, he was convicted of the 2017 murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall on board his submarine, UC3 Nautilus, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Email received

I did some research into Peter "Rocket" Madsen, last year when I was suspected of and later convicted for the murder of the supposed journalist Kim Wall.

As you may know, he founded Copenhagen Suborbitals and was quite successful, both with his rocketry and his three privately built submarines.

I don't wish to provide any theories - or result of any analysis -as I've already covered them in my own archive and it's out of scope.

But for anyone who's interested in the space-controversies, one must ask two questions. Can you fund his projects with public sourcing? Was he on a trajectory of proving something which has to be hidden?

Regarding Kim Wall, I and other uncovered at least two other names she was known by and her career was obviously manufactured.


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