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Case Ref : 20201102, Vienna attack

Official Narrative

The 2020 Vienna attack was a series of shootings that occurred on 2 November 2020 in Vienna, Austria. A few hours before the city was to enter a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lone gunman started shooting in the busy city centre. Four civilians were killed in the attack and 23 others were injured, seven critically, including a police officer. The attacker was killed by police and was later identified as an ISIL sympathizer. Officials said that the attack was an incident of Islamist terrorism.

Email received (part of)

Two Weeks ago, allegedly 4 people were shot to death and several wounded by a lone deranged gunman with ties to the Islamic state. The night it happened though, the public TV (O.R.F.= Österreichisches Rundfunk Fernsehen),the Viennese police twitter account, several eye witnesses, all newspapers and radio spoke of multiple gunmen. There is even a video which shows 2 people having a shootout with the police near the Schwedenplatz. Mind you also, that they claimed it were 6(!) gunmen the night it happened. Now, the alleged shooter who was allegedly shot dead by the Sonderkommando WEGA, at 08:09 PM, allegedly tried to buy ammunition for his pistol and fully automatic ak47 type rifle, in some eastern country, didnt get any, still identified himself and got rated out by the shop owner to the Austrian authorities, who now claim that they had a lack of communication and need a tighter net and more control. But, its legal to buy rifle ammunition in Austria without any id! Only for handgun rounds you need a Waffenbesitz Karte or a Waffenpass (which I own, so I know.) So why would a terrorist, owning an illegal fully auto rifle go to a different country to, unsuccessfully, buy ammunition which he could have gotten in Austria without even showing an i.d.? Plus, a terrorist who can get his hands on war-grade-rifles can sure get some bullets too, I would suppose.


Possible numerology here.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "