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27.3.2020 UK Tour reorganised due to 'virus' scare



10.1.2020 - Richplanet Announces New Manchester Bombing Book & Film

Over the last few years Richard has been looking into the veracity of the claims made about the so called 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing incident. The subject was previously covered in the 2019 UK tour lecture. The book not only points out holes and inconsistencies in the official narrative, it seeks to establish and give the reader a picture of what actually happened. Richard has visited Manchester several times to track down sources and gather evidence. The book charts his investigation and exposes all the lies within the official account. Extensive statement analysis is included on over 30 of the so called 'victims'.

Details of 'Manchester The Night Of The Bang' available here

DVD film available here

29.9.2019 - Richplanet Investigates the 1995 "disappearance" of Richey Edwards

In 2017 Richplanet was approached by Richard Fry who was a school friend of Richey Edwards. For those who don't know, Richey Edwards used to be in a Welsh rock band called The Manic Street Preachers. He "disappeared" on 1st February 1995. Richard Fry asked if Richplanet could help him in his quest to answer some of the many questions which were troubling him. Over the last two years Richard D. Hall and Richard Fry have investigated Richey Edwards alleged disappearance, and have produced a two hour long TV show which documents their journey. Richard Fry has written a book about his friendship with Richey Edwards and his quest to try and find him.

Details of Richard Fry's book avaiable here

Watch the TV show here - available 4th October 2019

1.3.2019 - Questionable Time, MP describes Richplanet film as "Racist Abuse"

On 28th February the BBC's flagship political discussion programme, "Questionable Time" featured comments by labour MP Barry Gardiner. Watch his comments here. Gardiner held up a copy of Richaplanet's latest film about the Jo Cox assasination. You can watch the 3 hour film here. Gardiner started by reading out an alleged letter from a far right extremist, he then held up the Richplanet DVD film while holding my covering letter in his other hand. Was he trying to confuse the two letters?

In January 2019 I sent a copy of my film to every UK MP. 650 DVDs were sent out to MPs constituency offices along with a stong covering letter. Since the films were sent out, the UK media has been awash with stories featuring stories linked to Jo Cox and her assassination. These stories in my opinion are attempts to re-inforce a bogus mainstream narrative about the Jo Cox assasination, first put forward in 2016 by the UK media. Many MPs will have watched the film by now, including my own MP Gerald Jones who I know has watched the film. I urge everyone to book an appointment with your MP, to ask them if they have watched the film which they would have received at the latest by early February.

I am intersted in any feedback your MPs give you.

I have written to Mr Gardiner and challenged him to a public debate about the evidence surrounding the Jo Cox assassination.

Buy the film on DVD here.

28.1.2019 - Jo Cox Film Released Early

The latest film from Richplanet which was due out in early April 2019 has been released early. If you order it now on DVD it will be dispatched the same day. Due to the current Brexit situation and claims in mainstream media that so called “far right” extremism is increasing due to Brexit, I felt that people need to see the content of the film as soon as possible. The media and politicians keep using the Jo Cox fake narrative to re-enforce a myth that asserts that certain people who support Brexit have either killed or are likely to kill due to their beliefs. The film exposes the truth about the Jo Cox incident and proves beyond reasonable doubt that Jo Cox was NOT killed by the man they have claimed. Order the film here.

28.12.2018 - Jo Cox Murder, New Richplanet Film Announced - "Exit From Brexit - The Jo Cox Departure"

A new film is being produced about the assassination of Jo Cox, due to be released on 8th April 2019. The film follows Richard D. Hall’s investigation into the alleged murder of the MP which happened on June 16th 2016. Following on from his initial findings presented in a lecture in April 2018, he has searched further for evidence and presents it here for the first time. The film proves beyond reasonable doubt that the official version of events is wholly untrue. Richard presents compelling evidence that the man blamed for the attack was a patsy and played no part in any murder, if indeed there was a murder. The film looks at all the CCTV evidence, witness testimony and physical evidence. Also featured are interviews with witnesses who have been kept out of mainstream media and were not asked to take part in the trial. The film suggests a plausible motive for a highly organised plot to remove Jo Cox from her position of MP. Her departure occurred just one week before the UK Brexit referendum and the film explains why this may have happened. This film contains extensive analysis by statement analyst Peter Hyatt. The DVD Box Set includes a 3rd Disk containing the film in HD (1280x720) MP4 format. Pre Order the film here.

25.10.2018 - Richplanet 2019 UK Tour Announced

The 2019 UK speaking tour will take place in April. The first venue will be at Glasgow on 4th April then working our way down the country finishing in Norwich on 19th April. I have booked some larger venues this year due to the fact that some events sold out very quickly last year. A summary of what will be presented in the talks will be produced later in 2018 or in early 2019. We look forward to seeing you at one of the events. Click here to buy tickets.

Richard will be talking about his new film "Exit from Brexit - The Jo Cox Dearture", The Manchester Arena "bombing", an overview of modern day "terrorism", and some insights into Brexit. In part two a re-evaluation of the Rendlesham Forest incident with new forensic analysis of key witnesses statements. Also a look at a very odd aspect of animal "mutilation" incidents occuring in the UK. Many other issues will be covered with the usual helping of dry humour to help cope with the ammount of deception being perpetrated by government agencies.

7.7.2018 - Richplanet launches new website

I have been meaning to upgrade the Richplanet website for some time. Since it was originally designed in 2008, internet usage has moved to a wider range of viewing platforms. From 6 feet wide plasma TV's to hand held mobile phones, the new website is responsive to all types of devices. You will find most of the information on the new website that existed on the previous one. Some of the most ancient content has been removed. Due to the efficient design, you should find the site to be very quick and responsive. This is in stark contrast to corporate newspaper websites which are full of video adverts and take ages to load. This new platform will provide an effective way to present new programmes and films into the future. The website incorporates a new online shop where products can be purchased, and are dispatched the same day (if ordered on a week day). You can give feedback by selecting the Info Menus at the top of the page and choosing contact the site.

20.5.2018 - Richplanet reveals new research and investigation into Jo Cox murder

In April and early May 2018 Richard toured the UK presenting his research into the Jo Cox assassination and many other subjects. For the first time this information is being released online. A 55 minute lecture has been released which demonstrates clearly that the official version of events is bogus. All the evidence points to yet another state operation. .

Watch the lecture here

26.4.2018 - Richplanet launches new film about Jill Dando murder

During 2017 Richard has researched and investigated the assassination of TV presenter Jill Dando. On the 19th anniversary of her death Richplanet launches a feature film which aims to uncover the truth about this case.

Watch the film here

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