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294Andrew Johnson An update on the Covid scam, the measures, Vaccine damage & planetary control01-12-2021Watch
289Free From The System Reducing dependance on the criminal system of governance16-07-2021Watch
288Scamdemic Update Fake pandemic, Vaccine deaths and injury, Economic Reset12-06-2021Watch
257Mike Keegan Self sufficiency, , nature, growing food, Anastasia books, fake reality17-08-2018Watch
228Barrie Trower Effects of microwaves & microwave warfare12-08-2016Watch
226Andrew Johnson Agenda 21, "sustainability" global fraud.15-07-2016Watch
178Richard D. Hall 2014 Lecture - Perfidious Planet26-04-2014Watch
149Ian R. Crane Dangers associated with Fracking, 91112-04-2013Watch
40Roy Dutton Crop circle analysis, abduction28-01-2011Watch
23Ian R. Crane Gulf of Mexico oil disaster & Peak Oil scam 24-09-2010Watch
20Andrew Johnson Reporting on evidence of chem trails03-09-2010Watch
17Crop Circles Crop Circles : The Hidden Truth01-06-2010Watch

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