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268UK Tour Video Diary Richplanet activities update & a light hearted video diary 25-04-2019Watch
250Richard D. Hall History of Richplanet02-12-2017Watch
238Richplanet Tour Richplanet 2017 roadshow video diary16-05-2017Watch
131Best of Richplanet 3 Humerous moments of 201223-11-2012Watch
100Ben Emlyn-Jones Sacked for blogging on "controversial" subjects 20-04-2012Watch
83Phil Atherton Monarchy, 2011, the media and smut 23-12-2011Watch
64George Tuck HAM Radio, Pirate Radio, Lockerbie disaster05-08-2011Watch
59Osama Bin Laden 7/7, Bin Laden, Lawful Rebellion03-06-2011Watch
53James Casbolt Mind Control, MKUltra, Super Soldiers13-05-2011Watch
36Samuel R. West 2010, Ulysees, The gay alien from Gateshead25-12-2010Watch
29Miles Johnston UFOs, mind control & military abductions05-11-2010Watch
28Ben Emlyn-Jones New World Order, media manipulation, UFOs29-10-2010Watch
25James Corbett False flag terrorism, scalar weapons08-10-2010Watch

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "