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Case Ref : 19770601, Sutcliffe, Peter

Official Narrative

Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder seven others between 1975 and 1980. He was sentenced to 20 concurrent sentences of life imprisonment, which were converted to a whole life order in 2010. Two of Sutcliffe's murders took place in Manchester; all the others were in West Yorkshire.

Email received

I'm writing to ask if you've considered looking into the Yorkshire Ripper police investigation. I think its highly likely that Peter Sutcliffe did not commit all of the crimes he was convicted of, in fact only 4 of the 13 murders. I also think it likely that the official story of the poor police investigation was/is a cover up for something worse. I know a fair bit about this and would be happy to help if you consider looking into it. www.yorkshireripper.com/

Email received

It’s a case I had to grow up with living in Bradford. I remember the streets being deserted at the height of it. I read all the nightly articles in the papers and watched all the news reports as a teenager. I also read books about the case after Sutcliffes arrest and trial. From this openly available information I know that the police were going door to door asking if the man of the house wore false teeth in the front of the mouth and also collecting saliva samples in test tubes. This was reported widely. From this it was clear the police were looking for a man with a large gap in his teeth and a certain blood group. It was also reported that Sutcliffe had told his dad, brothers and wife while on remand that he hadn't done all the murders but he had done a deal with the police that in return for a full confession he would only get 10 years in a mental home (a place was ready for him at Park Lane mental home in Liverpool) to satisfy the public. Some time later I read a book by Noel O'Gara called The Real Yorkshire Ripper in which he describes a man who worked for him who he was convinced carried out most of the murders and who indeed had confessed to them. This book had all the information I remember reading about the case. I was in touch with the author briefly at the time. He told me that interest in the book had been "a trickle". However the book was removed from bookshops.

Email received

I guess you didn't think this was something you wanted to look into. Fair enough.

The website I gave you seems neglected but nevertheless I think this is the story of the Yorkshire Ripper murders.

On the night of the Olive Smelt attack Sutcliffe arrived back panting to his mate Trevor Birdsalls car and tipped a blood stained stone out of a sock out of the window of the car telling Birdsall to get out of there.

Sutcliffe said in private he hit Tracey Brown with a tree branch.

Marcella Claxton was awake and witnessed Sutcliffe masturbating over her.

All these attacks were brought into the Ripper frame and they all survived but were all called hammer attacks to fit the frame.

Sutcliffe was blood group O. The Ripper was blood group B Secretor. Sutcliffe had a small gap in his teeth. The Ripper had a large gap requiring dentures.

Its a shame no-one wants to put this out. Old news I guess.

It was said that shortly before Sutcliffes arrest that Margaret Thatcher herself had phoned the Ripper squad and told them if they didn't arrest someone soon that she would take overall charge of the investigation.

Enter Ronald Gregory and they were all "absolutely delighted" with the outcome.


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "