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Case Ref : 19940224, West, Fred & Rose

Official Narrative


Email received

I am getting in touch because of the goings on in Gloucester. As a former resident and ex neighbour of the Wests, I am feeling uneasy about the new findings in the cafe. I would never defend Fred or Rose after what they did, but if they are to be connected to more bodies being found I hope there is better evidence to support the latest reports. I watch Points West to see what they are saying about the case and find the fore gone conclusion that Fred West is guilty could mean that someone else is going to get away with murder. The media have put photos of Fred and Rose on the tv which could never have been taken. Why do they need to splice a photo of them together and make it look like a genuine photo?

Also, a young woman called 'Jo Fear ' was interviewed on Points west talking about abused women and as soon as I saw her I thought of Rose. There was something about her that just brought Rose's image to mind, subliminal tactics? I mentioned this to my sister and she agreed, that she had thought the very same thing. Something doesn't feel right about this and I wondered if you were following it.


It has been suggested that the West case may have similarities to the Marc Dutroux case, in that government agencies or agency may have known about their activities well before the first arrest.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "