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Official Narrative

Mary Boyle (born 14 June 1970) was a six-year-old Irish girl who disappeared on the County Donegal-County Fermanagh border on 18 March 1977. To date, her disappearance is the longest missing child case in the Republic of Ireland. The investigation into her disappearance has been beset by allegations of political intervention and police incompetence.

Email received

Please, if you have time and you have not already seen it, watch this documentary by Irish journalist Gemma O'Doherty on the alleged murder of five year old Mary Boyle in county Donegal in 1977, and cover up by the sections of the Gardai and Irish state and media since, due to direct political interference by a senior Irish Fianna Fail politician at the time,


Email received

Richard, I don't know if you know about "Ireland's Madeline". A child called " Mary Boyle" went missing in 1977 in Donegal. A FF politician called Sean McEniff allegedly interfered with the course of justice to forbid the arrest of the prime suspect. If you Google "Gemma O'Doherty Mary Boyle" you will find a decent documentary. I've tried to raise awareness on Social Media. And my Emails to Government, haven't even got a reply. Our media have even blamed Robert Black. But, it doesn't really fit his MO anyway. Her twin sister says she believes Rape/Murder! Sean McEniff died in April. So I believe the Truth is Very Close. It just needs Exposure. Thanks for your time.


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