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Case Ref : 20190701, Beech, Carl

Official Narrative

Operation Midland was a criminal investigation which the London Metropolitan Police carried out between November 2014 and March 2016 in response to false allegations of historic child abuse made by Carl Beech.

The operation focused on investigation of several high-profile British citizens—politicians, military officers and heads of security—over claims of historic child sexual abuse and homicide.

The 18-month operation failed to find sufficient evidence to support the claims, and an inquiry into the police investigation afterwards concluded that the people involved had been falsely accused, leaving them dealing with considerable damage to their lives and reputations.

The culprit behind the false allegations, Carl Beech, was later investigated for perverting the course of justice, found to have been a paedophile himself, and eventually arrested and charged for his actions. In July 2019, he was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Email received

A very interesting documentary shown on BBC earlier this week about Carl Beech, you may well have seen it.

I don't know about you but I have a gut feel that this case is not as open & shut as the BBC were attempting to portray.

A possible candidate for your investigation & voice analysis maybe?

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Can you do a video on this please, suspicious Carl Beech got 18 years and there were 38 victims. Now it's to be dropped and held in private.....blah blah



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