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297Derek Gough Interiew with UFO investigator Derek Gough11-07-2022Watch
293Andrew Johnson What is the reason for MSM change in attitude towards UFO's ?30-11-2021Watch
2852020 UK Virtual Tour Tommy Mair / Jo Cox, Manchester 'bombing', Rendlesham UFO 13-06-2020Watch
279Rendlesham Witnesses Rendlesham UFO case, statement analysis of witnesses27-12-2019Watch
275Andrew Johnson Richey Edwards, ancient aliens, evidence of E.T.s on Earth, alien abduction01-11-2019Watch
274Andrew Johnson UFOs & Evidence for alien visitation of planet Earth18-10-2019Watch
272Richard D. Hall Worldwide animal mutilation study, Croydon Cat Killer02-08-2019Watch
261Andrew Johnson Archeology on Mars, the Moon and the rest of the Solar System28-09-2018Watch
241Andrew Johnson Starchild Skull, NATO UFO tracking facility29-07-2017Watch
234Richard D. Hall Ben Needham, Llantrissant Mint, Seal mutes, UFOs01-11-2016Watch
217Richard D. Hall Animal theft & UFOs in Lincolnshire22-12-2015Watch
216Richard D. Hall Richplanet films & Lincolnshire UFO's15-12-2015Watch
215Gary Heseltine UFOs, disclosure, Travis Walton, the media08-12-2015Watch
214Gary McKinnon Interview with computer expert Gary McKinnon01-12-2015Watch
202Max Burns The 1997 Sheffield UFO Incident17-03-2015Watch
199Tony Dodd An update on UFO's & NATO - Human Mutilations24-02-2015Watch
198David Cayton UFO spotting & unexplained seal mutilations17-02-2015Watch
196Various Alan Wilson update. UFO witnesses.10-02-2015Watch
194Derek Willis Hypothesis of an alien satellite around Earth26-01-2015Watch
186Gary Heseltine Brazilian UFO case, UFO dis-information22-08-2014Watch
176Human Mutilations UFOs and NATO : The Human Mutilation Cover Up - PART 218-03-2014Watch
175Human Mutilations UFOs and NATO : The Human Mutilation Cover Up - PART 118-03-2014Watch
172Lloyd Pye Military charities, UFO Truth Mag, Lloyd Pye07-12-2013Watch
170Scott Felton News + The Berwyn UFO Cover Up : Exposed24-10-2013Watch
169Richard D. Hall Control of TV, Search for Secret UK Bases01-10-2013Watch
168Various Richplanet TV pulled from Sky 19116-08-2013Watch
167Richard D. Hall 2013 UK Tour: The UK UFO cover up09-08-2013Watch
163John Hanson UK UFO sightings & Haunted Skies19-07-2013Watch
162Elaine Waite The mystery artifact from a womans nose12-07-2013Watch
161Colin Saunders UFO sighting, highly credible witness06-07-2013Watch
158Black Triangle UFOs Almost Identified Flying Objects08-06-2013Watch
157Kollerstrom & Heseltine Woolwich fake terror, UFO Citizens Hearings14-06-2013Watch
148Gary Heseltine UFO Truth Magazine, Nick Pope, Rendlesham film script05-04-2013Watch
139RDH + Guests The Crown, murder attempts & extreme bizzarreness01-02-2013Watch
132Best of Richplanet 4 UFO cases over the last 70 years30-11-2012Watch
120Silverman & Biggerstaff The Work of Nigel Kerner07-09-2012Watch
119John Hanson Haunted Skies & The alleged alien implant31-08-2012Watch
118John Hanson Haunted Skies24-08-2012Watch
117John Hanson Raoul Moat, appeal for information.17-08-2012Watch
116John Hanson Haunted Skies, British UFO encyclopedia series10-08-2012Watch
115Dan Sherman Secret N.S.A. E.T. communication project03-08-2012Watch
114RDH & Guests Fake terror threats at the Olympic Games27-07-2012Watch
110Anthony Beckett An introduction to Exopolitics Conferene 201222-06-2012Watch
101Paul Sinclair UFOs in Yorkshire, Big Brother & Kevin Annett27-04-2012Watch
97Richard D. Hall Abduction Phenomenon & Crop Circles 30-03-2012Watch
86Anthony Beckett Exopolitics UK Conferences13-01-2012Watch
82David Cayton Rendlesham UFO, Belgium UFOs & Night Vision16-12-2011Watch
79Richard D. Hall Exopolitics UK 2011, University of Leeds lecture 25-11-2011Watch
77D.C. Gary Heseltine UFOs and the media04-11-2011Watch
75St Bede's School UFOs, Aztec, Socorro, Rendlesham, Concorde21-10-2011Watch
69Scott Felton Metal detecting in Wales, UFOs19-08-2011Watch
66Anthony Beckett University of Leeds, 2011 Exopolitics Conference15-07-2011Watch
61Dave Hodrien Abduction/Contact cases reported to Richplanet17-06-2011Watch
60Dave Hodrien UFO cases reported to Richplanet.net & BUFOG10-06-2011Watch
57Richard D. Hall What the Bible tells us about UFOs01-09-2009Watch
52Charles James Hall Tall White E.T.s, Grey E.T.s & "Norwegian" E.T.s22-04-2011Watch
44Dr. Rauni Kilde Making the Starship "Studio" & Dr. Rauni Kilde (Pt2)25-02-2011Watch
43Scott Felton The Phobos UFO & Scott Felton's UFO interest18-02-2011Watch
42Bari Chohan Turkish academia's knowledge of UFOs & Vimanas11-02-2011Watch
41Richard D. Hall The control of mainstream media and information04-02-2011Watch
40Roy Dutton Crop circle analysis, abduction28-01-2011Watch
38Roy Dutton The Astronautical Thoery of Strange Aerial Craft14-01-2011Watch
37Lloyd Pye Human Origins & The Star Child Skull07-01-2011Watch
35Gary Heseltine Police UFO cases, Rendlesham UFO incident, Disclosure17-12-2010Watch
34Mark Hall The Disclosure Project 2001 Press Conference10-12-2010Watch
31Mark Hall The Disclosure Project Press Conference 200118-11-2010Watch
30Dr. Rauni Kilde Out of body experiences, UFOs & mind control12-11-2010Watch
27Richard D. Hall Animal mutilation, terrorism, UFOs, religion21-10-2010Watch
14Ged & Dale 2 1973 helicopter UFO case, Aztec UFO, & LA 194223-07-2010Watch
12Ged & Dale on UFOs UFOs cases, Malstrom '67, Stephensville '08, Alaska '8602-07-2010Watch
6Robert Hall The Gateshead Grey01-11-2008Watch
1David Cayton 20 years of British Ufology06-04-2010Watch

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