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Case Ref : 20180514, Kriégel, Ana

Official Narrative

Anastasia "Ana" Kriégel (18 February 2004 – 14 May 2018) was a Russian-Irish girl who was subject to a violent attack, murdered and sexually assaulted in an abandoned house late May 2018 in Lucan near Dublin. Two boys, known only as Boy A and Boy B, who were 13 years old at the time of Kriégel's death, were convicted of her murder, with one of the boys (Boy A) being further convicted of aggravated sexual assault. The two convicts are the youngest in the history of Ireland to be charged with murder.

Email received

I'm not sure if you have heard about the Ana Kriegel murder trial in Ireland. It's getting weirder and weirder as the weeks go on. In summary it looks like these two young headcase teenage boys raped and murdered some teenage girl from school. Bad enough considering they were like 13 when they did it, but an odd satanic connection has come out in the papers link below (yes I know the indo is a rag but they have the satanic bits of it in this article). Hmmm satanic cult as a cover for a homework club doesn't sound very believable, odd even for such a young kid to be in a real homework club, the first state exam is not until 3rd year of secondary school in Ireland and most kids are 15 or 16 when they sit that. Quite a few crazy murders back in Ireland these days so lots of bloodshed competing for the front page. I am suspicious lots of these child killings are linked to Satanists and just wanted to run this story by you as it may or may not have some relation to your research into murders and cover-ups. It was just this case kind of reminds me of the James Bulger case and a few other very strange cases in the states.



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