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Case Ref : 20190306, Ludlow, Lewis

Official Narrative

An Islamic State (IS) supporter who planned to kill 100 people in a "spectacular" terror attack in London has been jailed.

Lewis Ludlow, 27, from Rochester, Kent, was going to target Oxford Street with a bomb-laden truck after being refused permission to leave the UK.

The Old Bailey heard he planned the attack after being told to make the British people "pay in their blood".

He was sentenced to life imprisonment and will serve a minimum of 13 years.

Email received

Have you read about the huge miscarriage of justice that has just happened. Lewis Ludlow has been sentenced to life for apparently just thinking about committing an act of terrorism. He has patsy written all over him . Perhaps one of your investigations are in order.


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "