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Case Ref : 19890820, Marchioness disaster

Official Narrative

The Marchioness disaster was a collision between two vessels on the River Thames in London in the early hours of 20 August 1989, which resulted in the deaths of 51 people. The pleasure steamer Marchioness sank after being hit twice by the dredger Bowbelle at about 1:46 am, between Cannon Street railway bridge and Southwark Bridge.

Email received

I wonder what your take is on the sinking of the marchoness boat on the thames at first it seemed like a total accident but I have my doubts now having read a book titled dark waters written by a person that was their on the boat that night to me as a layman it seems like a hit where by they take out the target along with many other people to fool the public and police into thinking it was nothing more than a tragic accident. the target being a guy that earned 1million a year in the 80s massive money this is where your investigative skills are needed you and the people you know need to look at this. just incase you are not that familiar with this case on a recent doc it was stated that 25 of the 53 that died that night had their hands cut off for identifacation which was kept from the family for many years and when it was known the famillies were devestated why would this happen when dental records would be the best way to identify people not finger prints and even if that was the best way why cut their hands off when westminster morge had state of the art tech why take finger prints of people that had never given their finger prints to the athorities ie the police how would you be able to id these people if their is no record of their finger prints when their dental records would be known every body has dental work and a record of that work carried out. also the press coverage was bisazar to say the leased this is a strange case and the saddest in living memory that needs investigation by someone with your statcher intelegence and gutts I am just someone with a inquisative mind but you are a true investigator I could be miles off on this it could be a tragic accident but worth looking into Im not the only one to think this .I have recently realised how just to kill one guy powers that be will kill many people to get their man this could be such a case could be wrong wonder what you think


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