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299Genetically Modifying Humans? Possible genetic modification technology in the vaccine. Part 2, off grid living04-10-2022Watch
296Chris Hampton : Film Investigating the corruption & parasites behind the Coronavirus Scamdemic04-03-2022Watch
295David Fergusson Analysis of many 'vaccine' contents studies showing compelling evidence of nano technology07-02-2022Watch
294Andrew Johnson An update on the Covid scam, the measures, Vaccine damage & planetary control01-12-2021Watch
293Andrew Johnson What is the reason for MSM change in attitude towards UFO's ?30-11-2021Watch
292Covid & Vaccine Scam More on the COVID scam and injection programme.10-10-2021Watch
290Iain Davis The real purpose of the fake pandemic. A new monetary and control system.12-08-2021Watch
288Scamdemic Update Fake pandemic, Vaccine deaths and injury, Economic Reset12-06-2021Watch
286Andrew Johnson Exploration of the global corona virus scam, looking at evidence and motives. 14-12-2020Watch
282Richard D. Hall Exposing the man behind the Corona virus scam18-04-2020Watch
280Danielle & Lloyd Bryant The ground breaking medical discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.10-01-2020Watch
265Adrian Gilbert The Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill, new science23-11-2018Watch
243Andrew Johnson Medical cover ups, AIDs, Cancer, Vaccines26-08-2017Watch
228Barrie Trower Effects of microwaves & microwave warfare12-08-2016Watch
212Andrew Johnson A new theory for the formation of planets17-11-2015Watch
195Roger Anderton Did Boscovich discover a unified field theory?07-02-2015Watch
190Richard D. Hall The Secret Space fleet13-10-2014Watch
45Rupert Sheldrake, Phd False Flag Terrorism & How the mind works 04-03-2011Watch
44Dr. Rauni Kilde Making the Starship "Studio" & Dr. Rauni Kilde (Pt2)25-02-2011Watch
30Dr. Rauni Kilde Out of body experiences, UFOs & mind control12-11-2010Watch
8John Duffield Physics, light, gravity, space, time and dark matter19-05-2010Watch
7John Duffield Physics, space, energy & particles12-05-2010Watch

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