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Case Ref : 20090318, Lawrence, Claudia

Official Narrative

Claudia Elizabeth Lawrence (born 27 February 1974) is an English woman who was last seen and heard from on 18 March 2009. She was employed as a chef at the University of York's Goodricke College at the time of her disappearance. Although the police have treated Lawrence's case as that of murder, with various people arrested but later released, her fate is unclear.

Email received

I am fascinated by the Claudia Lawrence case and was wondering wether you would be interested in doing a documentary on it?

Email received

I would like to discuss the Claudia Lawrence (CL) of York disappearance case 18th March 2009 with Richard Hall. I have written an extensive blog and have unearthed what appears to be a deliberate tampering of CCTV footage. There is discussion that she was involved with a Senior Police officer and whilst he may not have been the culprit, he may have wished to keep his involvement private for the sake of Police force credibility. Here is the link to my blog should Richard wish to read this first. I would be happy for you to pass this onto him.


Email received

The Claudia case does not seem right somehow. It is of particular interest to me as it happened in York and she worked at the university. I was a facilities manager at the university at the time. I worked closely with the MOD police whilst arranging an event (Prince Andrew opened a new college on the new site, Heslington East) shortly after Claudia went missing. They were the same police who were involved with the search (for Claudia) at the University. I asked them why they did not search the new site which I was part of the project team on, and later managed the whole site, so I know they did not search it. This site was at the building stage when she went missing. They searched every bedroom etc on campus. They were shocked when I asked them why they hadn't searched this site and kept asking me why I had asked this question. I had no reason other than it seemed logical to me. It seemed to really trouble them.


I have heard a rumour from a local that Claudia had been seeing a number of men, one of who was a police officer.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "