Mars Rover Hypothesis

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This document is a collection of evidence, which builds a hypothesis that,

"The Mars exploration rovers are not situated on the surface of Mars, and never left the Earth"

The hypothesis may seem preposterous to anyone who is not familiar with the evidence contained within this document, therefore I would encourage readers to consider ALL of the evidence contained herein before dismissing the hypothesis. Evidence for the hypothesis comes from analysis of data which has been published primarily by NASA. If the hypothesis can be proven, the implications are very serious for mankind, which are discussed in the final chapter. The purpose of the document is to stimulate a public debate on the issue and stimulate further research which can establish whether the hypothesis is true. The issue was first brought to my attention by researcher Douglas Gibson of London, who approached me on 3rd August 2014 when I was giving a lecture in London at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood. In the short time available Douglas explained his hypothesis and also outlined some of the evidence he had been studying. Douglas has a degree in biochemistry and also interests in aviation, astronomy and theosophy. A few weeks later I visited Douglas in London to go through his evidence in more detail. After this meeting, I came to the view that some of the evidence is quite compelling and decided the best way forward was to produce a document which sets out the hypothesis and contains all the relevant information. The document is a working draft and is subject to changes once the material has been evaluated and discussed by all parties concerned.

If we accept all the information put out by NASA, the exploration of space is a straightforward affair, which does not have a hidden agenda. There is evidence, however, which is outside the scope of this document, which suggests that other organisations such as the U.S. Air Force and the N.S.A. (National Security Agency) over several decades have designed and developed their own clandestine space faring hardware. Some allege this hardware has been used to for space exploration without the knowledge of the majority of the U.S. government or the knowledge of the citizenry of the world. The reason why I raise this point is to demonstrate that the real purpose of NASA may be different to what most people perceive, including those who work for NASA. If there are secret space technologies which the majority of NASA personnel do not know about, then NASA, the main public facing organisation, is effectively helping to conceal the truth about these t echnologies. It is important that all the information being put out by organisations such as NASA be scrutinised to see if it has veracity. If it does not have veracity, then the evidence should be given exposure. Many people having read this far will probably be dismissive because they cannot see a reason why an organisation like NASA would be involved in such a fraud. To condemn the hypothesis on that basis is unscientific and frankly very naïve. If the hypothesis is true, then we can address the possible reasons why it is true after we have proven it to be true. This is a mindset that unfortunately many people fall into and is summarised by the expression, "Investigation before condemnation".

There are a number of researchers who claim that certain photographs taken by the Mars rovers have been tampered with to make the sky look red or orange. They have shown that if the colour is corrected using graphics software, the sky is in fact blue, very much like the earth. They then jump to the conclusion that the Martian sky is therefore really blue and NASA are hiding this from the public. This argument however may be based on a flawed assumption: that the rovers are taking photograph of Mars. If the rovers were actually taking photographs from the surface of the Earth, would the reason for NASA colouring the sky red or orange not seem more logical? The reason why NASA are colouring the images of the sky could be to conceal the fact that they were taken on Earth. The same argument can also be applied to the work of Charles Schultz, author of "The Fossil Hunters Guide to Mars". He contends that some of the photographs taken by the Mars rovers contain identifiable fossils, some of which we will examine later in this document. He has compared the Mars rover fossil images with fossils found on earth, and concluded that Mars has fossils all over the surface, which are similar, if not identical to those found on earth. Shultz concludes that Mars's surface contains fossils. Again, another explanation for Schultz's evidence could be that the photographs he has studied were actually taken on Earth. If somebody showed you a photograph of an Earthlike fossil from Shultz's book, and asked you where the photograph was taken, would you say Mars?, probably not. As you will see in this document there are a number of images which have been published by NASA from the Mars rovers which seem to contain objects common to the Earth. These objects are not usually immediately obvious at first glance. This could be because all images are checked before they are published and therefore only small or semi concealed imagery slips through the net, so to speak. That said, in my opinion some of the images are compelling and suggest strongly they were taken from the surface of the Earth.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "