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298Ross Broadstock Historical researchers and authors Wilson and Blackett, and the hidden history of Britain20-09-2022Watch
275Andrew Johnson Richey Edwards, ancient aliens, evidence of E.T.s on Earth, alien abduction01-11-2019Watch
274Andrew Johnson UFOs & Evidence for alien visitation of planet Earth18-10-2019Watch
265Adrian Gilbert The Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill, new science23-11-2018Watch
263Adrian Gilbert The Orion Mystery, Giza Pyramids, Egypt, Bitcoin,26-10-2018Watch
261Andrew Johnson Archeology on Mars, the Moon and the rest of the Solar System28-09-2018Watch
260Adrian Gilbert King Arthur - Wilson and Blackett, Holy Grail, British History, Avalon14-09-2018Watch
257Mike Keegan Self sufficiency, , nature, growing food, Anastasia books, fake reality17-08-2018Watch
255Alan Wilson Jo Cox, Tommy Mair, LGBT, Birmingham Six, Alan Wilson20-07-2018Watch
254Richard D. Hall Cover up of discoveries in space & secret space vehicles26-06-2018Watch
247Johnson & Kollerstrom Protocols, Julian Assange the fake truth seeker.21-10-2017Watch
241Andrew Johnson Starchild Skull, NATO UFO tracking facility29-07-2017Watch
225Dr Nick Kollerstrom Jo Cox, Paris attacks, Fabricated Terror, Auschwitz01-07-2016Watch
212Andrew Johnson A new theory for the formation of planets17-11-2015Watch
196Various Alan Wilson update. UFO witnesses.10-02-2015Watch
195Roger Anderton Did Boscovich discover a unified field theory?07-02-2015Watch
194Derek Willis Hypothesis of an alien satellite around Earth26-01-2015Watch
191Tony Bennet ISIL, Peppa Pig, Religion vs Evolution12-11-2014Watch
180Richard Melbourne The Discovery of King Arthur in Glamorgan10-05-2014Watch
174Rev Anthony Williams Object resembling a pyramid underground in Wales04-03-2014Watch
172Lloyd Pye Military charities, UFO Truth Mag, Lloyd Pye07-12-2013Watch
168Various Richplanet TV pulled from Sky 19116-08-2013Watch
147Historical Experts Indisputable evidence of King Arthur in Wales29-03-2013Watch
134Best of Richplanet 6 The pyramids, Christianity and hidden history 14-12-2012Watch
127Wilson and Blackett The Wilson & Blackett Conspiracy26-10-2012Watch
94Dr. Nick Kollerstrom The Falklands War and Censorship of it09-03-2012Watch
93Wilson and Blackett The books of Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett02-03-2012Watch
92Wilson and Blackett Britains true ancient history and possible finds24-02-2012Watch
91Wilson and Blackett Evidence of King Arthurs burial sites17-02-2012Watch
90Wilson and Blackett Corrupt Welsh Authorities and their grotesque crimes10-02-2012Watch
89Wilson and Blackett Media smear campaigns against historical research 03-02-2012Watch
88Wilson and Blackett A suspicious fire suffered by Historians27-01-2012Watch
70Muad'Dib The Stone of Destiny, The Monarchy26-08-2011Watch
63Keith Hunter Nuclear weapons, earthquakes, military bases01-07-2011Watch
62Keith Hunter Ancient knowledge, 360 day calendar, pyramid placement24-06-2011Watch
46Tony Kilvert Thy Pyramids, the holy grail, hidden knowledge11-03-2011Watch
45Rupert Sheldrake, Phd False Flag Terrorism & How the mind works 04-03-2011Watch
42Bari Chohan Turkish academia's knowledge of UFOs & Vimanas11-02-2011Watch
37Lloyd Pye Human Origins & The Star Child Skull07-01-2011Watch
26Tom Arnet Origins of man, religion, Freemasonry 15-10-2010Watch
3Mark Cocking Secret knowledge and the Central Banking scam14-04-2010Watch
2Alan Wilson Ancient history & The Ark of the Covenant07-04-2010Watch

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