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310Dr Shiva (Shatter the Swarm) The infiltration of the internet by the establishment using back doors and fake personalities. 16-01-2024Watch
304Dr. Nick Kollerstrom Ukraine conflict, fabricated terrorism over Europe.18-03-2023Watch
300John Average Film explaining the dangers of Smart Money, CBDC and removing cash.04-10-2022Watch
299Genetically Modifying Humans? Possible genetic modification technology in the vaccine. Part 2, off grid living04-10-2022Watch
296Chris Hampton : Film Investigating the corruption & parasites behind the Coronavirus Scamdemic04-03-2022Watch
295David Fergusson Analysis of many 'vaccine' contents studies showing compelling evidence of nano technology07-02-2022Watch
292Covid & Vaccine Scam More on the COVID scam and injection programme.10-10-2021Watch
290Iain Davis The real purpose of the fake pandemic. A new monetary and control system.12-08-2021Watch
289Free From The System Reducing dependance on the criminal system of governance16-07-2021Watch
288Scamdemic Update Fake pandemic, Vaccine deaths and injury, Economic Reset12-06-2021Watch
287Lloyd Bryant Covid scam, monetary system, great reset & 'smart' money. Bitcoin & crypto currencies. 08-02-2021Watch
286Andrew Johnson Exploration of the global corona virus scam, looking at evidence and motives. 14-12-2020Watch
277Andrew Johnson Israel and its influence over America29-11-2019Watch
270Fake Assange & Brexit The Wikileaks pantomime and the battle for Brexit05-07-2019Watch
269Richard D. Hall Brexit, Jo Cox, Manchester Arena "bombing"18-05-2019Watch
266Jo Cox Assassination MP Jo Cox Assassination investigation, Brexit, Thomas Mair01-03-2019Watch
247Johnson & Kollerstrom Protocols, Julian Assange the fake truth seeker.21-10-2017Watch
240Andrew Johnson Wikileaks and Julian Assange15-07-2017Watch
232Richard D. Hall Celts, Middle East Politics, ISIS07-10-2016Watch
231Andrew Johnson David Icke's work, the CIA, 9/11 & disinformation23-09-2016Watch
230Tony Bennett Didcot Deception - film update, Freedom of Speech03-09-2016Watch
226Andrew Johnson Agenda 21, "sustainability" global fraud.15-07-2016Watch
207Richard D. Hall Fake Terror & Extremism, MH370, Mar Rovers07-06-2015Watch
191Tony Bennet ISIL, Peppa Pig, Religion vs Evolution12-11-2014Watch
179Tony Bennett Appeal for missing persons, plus T.B. on the E.U.03-05-2014Watch
137Bill Maloney Institutional child abuse in the UK18-01-2013Watch
133Best of Richplanet 5 Hidden power agendas and manipulation of the masses 07-12-2012Watch
73Ian Crane/Neil Sanders Agendas of the Global Elite23-09-2011Watch
49RDH & Kevin West Islamic Uprising, 7/7 bombings & "Beyond Knowledge II"25-03-2011Watch
27Richard D. Hall Animal mutilation, terrorism, UFOs, religion21-10-2010Watch
5North East Truth The truth movement. False flag terror & more28-04-2010Watch

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