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293Andrew Johnson What is the reason for MSM change in attitude towards UFO's ?30-11-2021Watch
275Andrew Johnson Richey Edwards, ancient aliens, evidence of E.T.s on Earth, alien abduction01-11-2019Watch
274Andrew Johnson UFOs & Evidence for alien visitation of planet Earth18-10-2019Watch
265Adrian Gilbert The Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill, new science23-11-2018Watch
264Andrew Johnson Hidden technology, secret space programme, Rendlesham UFO09-11-2018Watch
263Adrian Gilbert The Orion Mystery, Giza Pyramids, Egypt, Bitcoin,26-10-2018Watch
261Andrew Johnson Archeology on Mars, the Moon and the rest of the Solar System28-09-2018Watch
254Richard D. Hall Cover up of discoveries in space & secret space vehicles26-06-2018Watch
249Andrew Johnson Moon Landings & NASA18-11-2017Watch
227Andrew Johnson The Mars Rover Hypothesis Update29-07-2016Watch
224Richard D. Hall 2016 Tour, Mars rovers, NASA, animal mutilation, 17-06-2016Watch
217Richard D. Hall Animal theft & UFOs in Lincolnshire22-12-2015Watch
216Richard D. Hall Richplanet films & Lincolnshire UFO's15-12-2015Watch
214Gary McKinnon Interview with computer expert Gary McKinnon01-12-2015Watch
213Andrew Johnson Is there a link between crop circles & 9/1124-11-2015Watch
211Carl James NASA Puppets, space travel & perception management10-11-2015Watch
210Carl James Stanley Kubrick & The Moon Landings03-11-2015Watch
207Richard D. Hall Fake Terror & Extremism, MH370, Mar Rovers07-06-2015Watch
202Max Burns The 1997 Sheffield UFO Incident17-03-2015Watch
194Derek Willis Hypothesis of an alien satellite around Earth26-01-2015Watch
193Johnson/Gibson More evidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ?16-01-2015Watch
192Johnson/Gibson Evidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ?06-01-2015Watch
190Richard D. Hall The Secret Space fleet13-10-2014Watch
187Richard D. Hall Madeleine McCann & the establishment cover up10-09-2014Watch
184Andrew Johnson Ed Fouche, the TR3B & the U.S. secret space programme21-06-2014Watch
173Andrew Johnson Comets, Planet X, Electric Universe09-01-2014Watch
170Scott Felton News + The Berwyn UFO Cover Up : Exposed24-10-2013Watch
169Richard D. Hall Control of TV, Search for Secret UK Bases01-10-2013Watch
167Richard D. Hall 2013 UK Tour: The UK UFO cover up09-08-2013Watch
161Colin Saunders UFO sighting, highly credible witness06-07-2013Watch
158Black Triangle UFOs Almost Identified Flying Objects08-06-2013Watch
150Andrew Johnson Evidence of life on Mars19-04-2013Watch
146Andrew Johnson Looking at inconsistencies in the Apollo missions22-03-2013Watch
145Andrew Johnson Apollo moon missions, did they go to the moon?15-03-2013Watch
96Richard D. Hall 2011 Tour, filmed at Weston Super Mare - Part 223-03-2012Watch
82David Cayton Rendlesham UFO, Belgium UFOs & Night Vision16-12-2011Watch
13Anthony Beckett Evidence for life on Mars16-07-2010Watch

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