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Case Ref : 20150603, Harris, John

Official Narrative

(From Ben Emlyn Jones blog) ...

There has been some speculation about his death and one of the announcements said that it was suicide; however John himself wrote something on the website last week that does not sound like the words of a suicidal man:

Hi to you all, I would like to wish you all the best and may I say that this is a goodbye for good, which is long overdue. TPUC main site is now re-directed and the Forum is in Ben’s control and has absolutely nothing to do with me. All I have ever wanted to say is in my book Memoirs of the Antichrist. If I had my time over I would never have got on that stage in Stoke and done "it’s an illusion" as it turned me into a self obsessed monster and not only did I nearly destroy the love of my life, I nearly destroyed my family with my selfishness, delusions of grandeur and thinking I am something special. I have now been offered a lifeline and a chance to rebuild all I have destroyed and I am so humbled by the fact this has been offered to me, considering what I have done. I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the planet to be given this chance and I turn my back on TPUC and everything that took me away from my family. I now have become what I should have been all along a loving family man, husband to be and a hard working plumber who pays his tax.

I strongly suggest to anyone who reads this that if you too are about to forsake your family the way that I did, then please rethink, as I promise you there is nothing more important than your family, nothing! So all that is left to say is goodbye and I wish you all the happiness, good health and all the love in the world, as I now am so privileged and lucky to have back and never will I forsake it again… John Harris

Email received

I’ve been looking into the vastly becoming popular common law realization that’s sweeping the UK ...Well the soft tory south is takin its time as per. The one thing about it all i am uncomfortable with is the so called suicide of one of the freeman of the lands most prominent communication talkers John Harris, apart from looking into it could you do a show about the freeman movement and how we’ve been conned for yrs regarding real law and statutes as im sure you well know they are totally separate , i know a good friend who got me interested in it who has used his knowledge to not pay tax to fraudulent councils , parking fines, speeding etc etc with great success and the more we can spread this knowledge the better. It turns out even the united kingdom is a reg corporation can you believe it and all courts of law are not courts of law but privately run businesses out to make profit, how many times have you said when some shite gets a fine for almost beating some soul half dead WHAT THE ? This is why its not about justice its about money and you can check all this on dunn and bradstreet a site that tells you who is a corporation etc including plice forces, courts ,councils the list is endless so please Richard do a show that will definitely get people questioning and hopefully fighting lawfully against a system thats nothing more than a slave market, cheers richard and keep it up mate your a top chap,bry ps there is a short vid of Harris saying how he regretted all he said 3 weeks before his death and i think it stinks after yrs telling about the freeman thing just to suddenly deny it all hmmmm who got to him? Bastards


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "