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Case Ref : 20001127, Taylor, Damilola

Official Narrative

On 27 November 2000, ten-year-old Nigerian schoolboy Damilola Taylor was killed in London, in what became one of the United Kingdom's most high-profile killings. Two brothers – who were 12 and 13 at the time of the killing – were convicted of manslaughter in 2006.

Email received

I would like to draw your attention to the murder if Damilola Taylor.

Please take a look at this BBC article;


The lead investigator was a man I know personally. He was ranked Detective Superintendent and it can be said that he was to blame for the collapse of the first trial.

I have reason to believe he acted to cause the collapse of the trial, is a Free Mason and served in the Royal Engineers. I believe he has connections to MI5. His name is Gary Richardson. Perhaps you'd like to have a look into him as he is now working for British Transport Police, high up in the counter terrorism division.

I think the reason he acted to cause the collapse of the initial trial was in order to garner support for the removal of the double jeopardy principle for murder trials. When working for the Met Police, he headed up the team known as 'Operation Trident' charged with investigating black on black murders.

Anyway, maybe you'd like to let me know your thoughts on this article, the process that transpired with regard to this case?


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