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312Gemma O'Doherty Career of award winning journalist Gemma O'Doherty and recent legal actions.25-04-2024Watch
311Court Hearing Report on Richard D. Hall's High Court Hearing22-02-2024Watch
310Dr Shiva (Shatter the Swarm) The infiltration of the internet by the establishment using back doors and fake personalities. 16-01-2024Watch
309James Delingpole Fake terror, the media and information war10-01-2024Watch
302Dr Nick Kollerstrom 'Disaster Trolls' response, The Ukraine conflict.22-02-2023Watch
301Richard D. Hall "Disaster Trolls", BBC Production.28-10-2022Watch
290Iain Davis The real purpose of the fake pandemic. A new monetary and control system.12-08-2021Watch
287Lloyd Bryant Covid scam, monetary system, great reset & 'smart' money. Bitcoin & crypto currencies. 08-02-2021Watch
286Andrew Johnson Exploration of the global corona virus scam, looking at evidence and motives. 14-12-2020Watch
282Richard D. Hall Exposing the man behind the Corona virus scam18-04-2020Watch
278Dr Nick Kollerstrom Prince Andrew, London Bridge "attack" & the Salisbury poisoning Skripal affair13-12-2019Watch
273Richard Fry An investigation of the disappearance of Richey Edwards, of the "Manics".04-10-2019Watch
271Madeleine Hypothesis Madeleine McCann cover up, a new hypothesis19-07-2019Watch
269Richard D. Hall Brexit, Jo Cox, Manchester Arena "bombing"18-05-2019Watch
267Jo Cox Bent Cops Statement analysis of the corrupt Jo Cox investigating police officers08-03-2019Watch
259Richard D. Hall Phone hacking, Milly Dowler, police corruption10-09-2018Watch
258Dr Larry O'Hara MI5, MI6, Searchlight, Notes from the Borderland, David Shayler31-08-2018Watch
257Mike Keegan Self sufficiency, , nature, growing food, Anastasia books, fake reality17-08-2018Watch
253Richard D. Hall Hiding from Terror, 2018 UK Tour15-06-2018Watch
248Neil Sanders The Manson murders04-11-2017Watch
246Richard D. Hall Madeleine truth campaign, Bridgend "suicides"07-10-2017Watch
245Neil Sanders Social Media Psychological Operations23-09-2017Watch
240Andrew Johnson Wikileaks and Julian Assange15-07-2017Watch
232Richard D. Hall Celts, Middle East Politics, ISIS07-10-2016Watch
230Tony Bennett Didcot Deception - film update, Freedom of Speech03-09-2016Watch
228Barrie Trower Effects of microwaves & microwave warfare12-08-2016Watch
223Richard D. Hall Madeleine, EU, News, Subversion, LGBT, Hawking.03-06-2016Watch
220Neil Sanders Social Media behaviour, slacktivism & the CIA12-01-2016Watch
219Neil Sanders Manipulation behind social media05-01-2016Watch
211Carl James NASA Puppets, space travel & perception management10-11-2015Watch
210Carl James Stanley Kubrick & The Moon Landings03-11-2015Watch
206Richard D. Hall Madeleine McCann & Media Subversion 01-06-2015Watch
205Derrick Bird murders Patsy Driver - An Investigation into Cumbria Massacre28-04-2015Watch
200Neil Sanders Why are drugs criminalised?02-03-2015Watch
199Tony Dodd An update on UFO's & NATO - Human Mutilations24-02-2015Watch
191Tony Bennet ISIL, Peppa Pig, Religion vs Evolution12-11-2014Watch
189Richard D. Hall World domination, modern slavery & more28-09-2014Watch
188Richard D. Hall The most subversive shows on TV22-09-2014Watch
187Richard D. Hall Madeleine McCann & the establishment cover up10-09-2014Watch
183Richard D. Hall Implants?, Derrick Bird did not kill 1230-05-2014Watch
178Richard D. Hall 2014 Lecture - Perfidious Planet26-04-2014Watch
166Richard D. Hall 2013 UK Tour: 9/11 cover up, media & money02-08-2013Watch
159David McCann BBC "Madness in the Fast Lane" documentary21-06-2013Watch
139RDH + Guests The Crown, murder attempts & extreme bizzarreness01-02-2013Watch
136Neil Sanders CIA media infiltration & mainstream propaganda11-01-2013Watch
135Neil Sanders Was Saville part of an MI5 child sex entrapment operation?21-12-2012Watch
125RDH's 2012 Tour Fake power politics, and a woeful corrupt media12-10-2012Watch
121Jim Kelly MI5 framing an innocent man & used as a patsy14-09-2012Watch
99Neil Sanders Popular music, who is controlling it and why13-04-2012Watch
98Neil Sanders Psychostronic technology and mind control06-04-2012Watch
95Richard D. Hall 2011 Tour, filmed at Weston-Super-Mare16-03-2012Watch
79Richard D. Hall Exopolitics UK 2011, University of Leeds lecture 25-11-2011Watch
74Jemma King Popular music, mind control & the Monarch programme14-10-2011Watch
47Dave Marrow MkUltra, Mind Control & UK Victims, Super Soldiers18-03-2011Watch
41Richard D. Hall The control of mainstream media and information04-02-2011Watch
39Neil Sanders Mind control programmes, "creating" celebrities21-01-2011Watch
30Dr. Rauni Kilde Out of body experiences, UFOs & mind control12-11-2010Watch
21John Urwin Covert 1950s assasination team & hidden technology10-09-2010Watch
18Neil Sanders Media mind control, Manchurian candidates20-08-2010Watch
16Neil Sanders Mind control, MKULTRA, psychotronics, implants, hypnosis06-08-2010Watch

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